1st Edition

Creating Public Value in Practice Advancing the Common Good in a Multi-Sector, Shared-Power, No-One-Wholly-in-Charge World

Edited By John M. Bryson, Barbara C. Crosby, Laura Bloomberg Copyright 2015
    431 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Creating Public Value in Practice: Advancing the Common Good in a Multi-Sector, Shared-Power, No-One-Wholly-in-Charge World brings together a stellar cast of thinkers to explore issues of public and cross-sector decision-making within a framework of democratic civic engagement. It offers an integrative approach to understanding and applying the concepts of creating public value, public values, and the public sphere. It presents a framework and language for opening a constructive conversation on what governments, businesses, nonprofits, and citizens can achieve in a democracy that honors a broad range of public values. 

    Public officials, scholars, and citizens alike are engaged in an intense debate about the proper purpose, role, and size of government. In the midst of this debate is a growing concern that important public values are ignored by government reform efforts. This book explores the different definitions of public value and approaches to public value creation, discernment, measurement, and assessment. The text helps clarify the issues and demonstrates how the meaning of public value is intimately related to how it is theorized, operationalized, and measured.

    The book examines the many alternatives for recognizing, measuring, and assessing public value and addresses the pros and cons of each approach. The result is a contribution to the ongoing dialogue about the virtues and limitations of a focus on the public sphere, public values, and how to create public value in the context of developing and implementing policies, programs, projects, and plans that ideally boost confidence in public institutions.

    John M. Bryson, Barbara C. Crosby, and Laura Bloomberg
    Public Value as a Contested Democratic Practice
    John Benington
    Creating Public Value: Contributions of the New Civic Politics
    Harry C. Boyte
    Value of Voices, Voice of Values: Participatory and Value Representation in Networked Governance
    Chao Guo and Morgan Marietta
    Public Values, Citizen Science, and Transportation Planning: A Brief Inquiry
    Greg Lindsey
    Effectuating Public Values by Institutional Design
    Ernest R. Alexander
    Education Reform and Cross-Sectoral Financing: A Practice-Based Approach
    Samuel D. Brunson, Robert Couch, and Grant J. Matthews 
    Profiting from Public Value? The Case of Social Impact Bonds
    Mildred E. Warner
    Coproduction of Public Values through Cross-Sector Implementation: A Multilevel Analysis of Community Reinvestment Outcomes in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program
    Colleen Casey and Stephanie Moulton
    Incentivizing Collaboration: An Experimental Analysis of Performance Information, Public Value Creation, and Public Values Promotion
    Stuart Bretschneider, Yujin Choi, Tina Nabatchi, and Rosemary O'Leary
    Relational Contracting and Public Value: Public and Nonprofit Managers' Perspectives
    Judith R. Saidel
    Cross Sector Collaboration and Public-Private Partnerships: A Perspective on How Nonprofit Organizations Create Public Value in an Archetypical City in the United States
    Stuart C. Mendel and Jeffrey L. Brudney
    Paradoxes of Cross-Sector Partnerships: Public Value and Large-Scale Energy Innovation
    Maja Husar Holmes and W. Henry Lambright
    Recognizing Public Values at the Local Government Level: A Study of the All-America City Awards
    Heather Getha-Taylor, John C. Pierce, and Jeannette Blackmar
    Creating Public Value through Collaboration: Restoration and Preservation of Crissy Field
    David F. Suárez
    Using Economic Principles to Show How Extension Programs Create Public Value
    Laura Kalambokidis, Lisa Hinz, and Scott Chazdon
    Culturing Sport Mega Events: Leveraging Public Value
    Malcolm Foley, David McGillivray, and Gayle McPherson
    Creating Global Public Value
    J. Brian Atwood
    John M. Bryson, Barbara C. Crosby, and Laura Bloomberg


    John M. Bryson, Barbara C. Crosby, Laura Bloomberg