1st Edition

Creating a Place for Self-care and Wellbeing in Higher Education Finding Meaning Across Academia

Edited By Narelle Lemon Copyright 2022
    220 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    The workplace has significant influence over our sense of wellbeing. It is a place where many of us spend significant amounts of our time, where we find meaning, and often form a sense of identity. Creating a Place for Self-care and Wellbeing in Higher Education explores the notion of finding meaning across academia as a key part of self-care and wellbeing.

    In this edited collection, the authors navigate how they find meaning in their work in academia by sharing their own approaches to self-care and wellbeing. In the chapters, visual narratives intersect with lived experience and proactive strategies that reveal the stories, dilemmas, and tensions of those working in higher education. This book illuminates how academics and higher education professionals engage in constant reconstruction of their identity and work practices, placing self-care at the centre of the work they do, as well as revealing new ways of working to disrupt the current climate of dismissing self-care and wellbeing.

    Designed to inspire, support, and provoke the reader as they navigate a career in higher education, this book will be of great interest to professionals and researchers specifically interested in studies in higher education, wellbeing, and/or identity.

    1. Self-care is worthy of our attention: Using our self-interest for good in higher education, Narelle Lemon Nurturing self: Self-care is worthy of our attention 2. 2019: A Year in Self-Care, Kelly Louise Preece 3. Juggling the Triad: Caring for Yourself with a Block-mode Approach To Research, Teaching, and Service, Bronwyn Eager 4. The rewriting on the walls: An autoethnographic journey into wellbeing in neoliberal academia, Kay Hammond 5. Being at One with Myself: Embracing the Teacher Identity, Aminda J. O’Hare 6. Pendulation: Awakening to Rest, Deena Kara Shaffer Supporting, nurturing, and encourage others 7. How a More Than Human Family Lives the Phd Journey, Siobhan O'Brien 8. An Appreciative Circling Approach to Promoting Doctoral Wellbeing and Growth, Suskya Goodall, Joanna Higgins, and Cherie Chu-Fuluifaga, 9. Finding my centre: integrating contemplative practices, my children, and higher education into a balanced life, Michelle Tichy 10. Exploring cultural identity through coffee: steps towards self-care, Bertha Chin Facilitating institutional change and forming a community of scholars who promote wellbeing 11. Bushwacking a Path Forward: Contemplative Pedagogy for Wellbeing In Higher Education, Malgorzata Powietrzynska and Linda Noble 12. Preventing ‘Millennial Burnout’ using Huffington’s Third Metric in Academia, Nicolene Lottering and Sophie Karanicolas 13. Moving from survival mode to wellbeing in academia, Jacqueline Dohaney 14. Stepping into a shared vulnerability: Creating and promoting a space for self-care and wellbeing in higher education, Sharon McDonough and Narelle Lemon.


    Narelle Lemon is an interdisciplinary researcher in her fields of education, positive psychology, and arts, holding the position of Associate Professor in Education at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Narelle is a researcher who focusses on translating theory and evidence into practice to enhance engagement and participation for teachers and students across all fields of education. Recent research has investigated mindfulness in education, self-care, and wellbeing to empower educators, arts and cultural education, and her award-winning scholarship of learning and teaching in the integration of social media for learning and professional development.