1st Edition

Creating the Ethical Academy A Systems Approach to Understanding Misconduct and Empowering Change

Edited By Tricia Bertram Gallant Copyright 2011
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    For those who believe in the promise of higher education to shape a better future, this may be a time of unprecedented despair. Stories of students regularly cheating in their classes, admissions officers bending the rules for VIPs, faculty fudging research data, and presidents plagiarizing seem more rampant than ever before. If those associated with our institutions of higher learning cannot resist ethical corruption, what hope do we have for an ethical society?

    In this edited volume, higher education experts and scholars tackle the challenge of understanding why ethical misconduct occurs in the academy and how we can address it. The volume editor and contributing authors use a systems framework to analyze ethical challenges in common functional areas (e.g., testing and admissions, teaching and learning, research, fundraising, spectator sports, and governance), highlighting that misconduct is shaped by both individuals and the contexts in which they work, study, and live. The volume argues compellingly for colleges and universities to make ethics a strategic, institutional priority. Higher education researchers, students, and practitioners will find this volume and its application of empirical research, real-life examples, and illustrative case studies to be an inspiring and applicable read.

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    1. Introduction, Tricia Bertram Gallant & Lester Goodchild

    2. The Concern with Corruption in Higher Education, Stephen Heyneman

    3. Academic Ethics: A Systems Approach to Understanding Misconduct and Empowering Change in the Academy, Tricia Bertram Gallant and Mike Kalichman

    Part I. Understanding Ethical Misconduct in Key Areas of Higher Education 

    4. Undermining Integrity in Standardized Testing & Admissions: Misconduct in Academic Selection Process, Tricia Bertram Gallant

    5. Improprieties in Teaching & Learning, John M. Braxton

    6. Research Misconduct and Misbehavior, Melissa Anderson

    7. Ethical Challenges and the Aspirational University: Fund Raising and Spectator Sports, J. Douglas Toma and Mark Kavanaugh

    8. Corruption at the Top: Ethical Dilemmas in College and University Governance, Nathan F. Harris & Michael N. Bastedo

    Part II. Empowering Change: Creating the Ethical Academy

    9. Enhancing Individual Responsibility: Embracing Ethical Theory in Professional Decision Making Frameworks, Lester Goodchild

    10. Enacting Transcendental Leadership: Creating and Supoprting a More Ethical Campus, Adrianna Kezar & Cecile Sam

    11. Integrating Ethics Education Across the Education System, Peter Keller

    12. Expanding the Radius of Trust to External Stakeholders: Value Infusions for a More Ethical Academy, Patrick Drinan

    13. Toward a Global Academic Ethics, Brian L. Heuser & Timothy A. Drake

    14. The Future of the Ethical Academy: Preliminary Thoughts & Suggestions, Tricia Bertram Gallant & Patrick Drinan

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    Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant is the academic integrity coordinator for the University of California, San Diego.

    "This edited book provides an excellent summary of the complexity of academic corruption and offers a wide-ranging list of recommendations for teachers, students, and administrators."
    The Journal of Higher Education

    "Bertram Gallant offers a long overdue break from the many texts on student plagiarism and moral corruption, by examining academic integrity using a systems approach....[A] sophisticated understanding of the academic integrity agenda coupled with an impassioned plea for ethics to become an “intentional strategic priority for higher education” makes Creating the Ethical Academy essential reading for anyone interested in reinvigorating higher education."--International Journal for Educational Integrity

    "Something is rotten in academe. There is, as Tricia Bertram Gallant and Lester F. Goodchild point out in the introduction to this disturbing, yet valuable, collection of essays, a "continuing academic ethics crisis" … Tricia Bertram Gallant and her contributors have done the rest of us a favor by offering a useable intellectual framework for understanding the ethical dilemmas facing higher education today."—Teachers College Record