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Creative and Cultural Industries in Asia: A Routledge Textbooks Series

About the Series

The textbook series is written for use in courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for any cultural and creative industries program taught in tertiary educational institutions. Textbooks in this series are generally divided into two categories. The first includes textbooks which provide a comprehensive introduction to the important domains of the field such as cultural policy, commercialization of creativity, organization and labour management in creative industries covering fully important theoretical and empirical issues in the domains. Textbooks in the second category focus on a singular cultural and creative industry in Asia such as Asian film industries, digital entertainment industries, and advertising business integrating the latest knowledge into the practice of the industry. Given the importance of practicality in the field, the series emphasizes practitioner’s insights so as to provide both academic insights and practical experience for those who want to join cultural and creative industries. Practitioners in the industries are encouraged to submit their manuscripts.

The series is also characterized by its interdisciplinarity and globality. We are keen on publishing textbooks that adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the study and understanding of cultural and creative industries. Although the book series focuses on the creative industries in Asia, we welcome manuscripts that locate Asian cultural and creative industries in a global context, particularly those manuscripts that can help identify the similarities and differences between Asian cultural and creative industries with their counterparts in Europe or the US.

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Creative and Cultural Industries in East Asia An Introduction

Creative and Cultural Industries in East Asia: An Introduction

1st Edition

By Brian Moeran
August 05, 2021

This book presents an introductory overview of the socio-economic organization of creative industries, focusing on the East Asian context. Establishing a theoretical framework founded on the work of Richard Caves, Howard Becker, and Pierre Bourdieu, this textbook is an accessible introduction to ...

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