1st Edition

Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

Edited By Michael D. Mumford, E. Michelle Todd Copyright 2020
    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume presents a distinctly multilevel perspective on creativity and innovation that considers individual-level, team-level, and firm-level factors. In illustrating these factors, this volume presents both theoretical and practical implications to guide researchers and practitioners alike in the continued study and advancement of creativity and innovation in organizations.

    Chapter authors not only discuss the abilities, personality, and motivational attributes that contribute to employee creativity, but they also address the impact of leadership and climate on creative performance in teams. Subsequently, firm-level influences such as planning, learning, strategy, and professions that influence the success of creative and innovative efforts are examined.

    With contributions from leading scholars around the globe, this book offers a comprehensive review of creativity and innovation to assist researchers and practitioners in their quests to understand and improve organizational creativity and innovation. This is an essential resource for scholars, researchers, or graduate students interested in creativity, innovation, and organizational behavior.

    Series Foreword

    List of Contributors

    1. Creativity and Innovation at Work
    2. Michael D. Mumford and E. Michelle Todd

    3. The Assessment of Creative and Innovative Performance
    4. Alexander S. McKay and James C. Kaufman

    5. What is Needed to Think Creatively at Work? Knowledge and Skills
    6. Michael D. Mumford, E. Michelle Todd, Cory Higgs, and Robert Martin

    7. The Abilities that Contribute to Creativity and Innovation at Work
    8. Mark A. Runco

    9. Personality and Creativity at Work
    10. Adrian Furnham

    11. Temporal Dynamics of Creativity and Motivation: What We Know, What We don’t, and a Few Suggestions for Filling the Gap
    12. Logan M. Steele

    13. Integrating Creative Climate and Creative Problem Solving
    14. Samuel T. Hunter, James L. Farr, Rachel L. Heinen and Julian B. Allen

    15. Cognitive and Social Processes in Team Creativity
    16. Roni Reiter-Palmon and Paul B. Paulus

    17. The Leadership Role in Creative Problem Solving and Innovation
    18. Miriam Erez, Alon Lisak and Raveh Harush

    19. Firm Strategy for Innovation and Creativity
    20. Danielle D. Dunne and Kimberly S. Jaussi

    21. How Do Leaders Plan for Firm Innovation? Strategic Planning Processes and Constraints
    22. Logan L. Watts, Kajal R. Patel, Ethan G. Rothstein, & Alessa N. Natale

    23. Creativity and Innovation in the Context of Firms
    24. Kyriaki Hadjikosta and Tamara Friedrich

    25. Institutional Supports for Innovation
    26. Leif Denti and Sven Hemlin

    27. Unleashing Creative Talent in Organizations – Linking Learning and Creativity through Creative Problem Solving

              Scott G. Isaksen



    Michael D. Mumford is the George Lynn Cross Distinguished Research Professor and Director of the Center for Applied Social Research at the University of Oklahoma. Mumford is a recipient of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workforce and the Academy of Management’s Eminent Leadership Scholar Award, as well as the Society for Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts Anaheim Award for Lifetime Contributions.


    E. Michelle Todd received her doctoral degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, as well as a minor in Quantitative Psychology, from the University of Oklahoma. She has published research papers in multiple professional journals, including The Leadership Quarterly, The Creativity Research Journal, and Accountability in Research, and she has contributed book chapters on leadership, creativity, and ethics. In addition to academic work, she has worked in a variety of applied settings, including government agencies, tech start-ups, and nonprofit organizations.

    "This excellent volume offers a much-needed multi-level perspective on creativity and innovation at work. Coverage ranges from individual level processes, abilities, and personality, to team climate and processes, to firm-level strategy, planning, structure, and capabilities. The volume examines a wide variety of topics yet is coherent in its emphasis on the importance of the broader context in which creative action and innovation takes place, and the dynamic processes that make creativity and innovation possible and successful. Together, the chapters provide an insightful and timely summary and integration of this rich literature. Highly recommended for scholars and professionals who wish to gain more insight into these important 21st century skills." Bernard A. Nijstad, Professor of Organizational Behavior, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

    "Creativity and Innovation in Organizations is the go-to guide for anyone interested in understanding creative performance and innovation at work." Ronald A. Beghetto, Editor, Journal of Creative Behavior