1st Edition

Creativity in Teaching and Teaching for Creativity Modern Practices in the Digital Era in Engineering

By Lucy Lunevich, Majed Wadaani Copyright 2023
    91 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    In this book, the authors write about creativity in teaching and how to enhance creativity in learners. They highlight the new reality of teaching and learning in the digital era, specifically the impact of artificial intelligence, data economy, and artificial minds on modern teaching practices, curriculum design, and the role of teachers in classrooms.

    Creativity in Teaching and Teaching for Creativity: Modern Practices in the Digital Era approaches human intelligence as a universal gift. It emphasizes that the creativity of human beings is not only a natural quality, but one that can be enhanced as a result of learning. The book suggests new teaching models and approaches and discusses how the role of teachers in the classroom has fundamentally changed, emphasizing the emotional connection between students and teachers.

    The book will find interest among higher education policymakers who believe in the transformation of the education industry, research scholars who are pursuing their Ph.D. in the fields of education technology and education and learning, as well as those working in the area of education technology and artificial intelligence.

    1. Human Creativity and Giftedness.

    Lucy Lunevich

    2. Human Intelligence and Giftedness.

    Lucy Lunevich

    3. Critical Digital Pedagogy – Innovative Model.

    Lucy Lunevich

    4. Creativity in Teaching and Teaching for Creativity – Engineering Students.

    Lucy Lunevich

    5. Human Development towards Self-Actualization.

    Majed Wadaani

    6. Supporting Creativity and Mathematical Talent Development.

    Majed Wadaani


    Prof. Lucy Lunevich is a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of the Growth Lab at RMIT University, School of Engineering, Melbourne, Australia. She is a passionate advocate for the role of high education, research, and innovation in creating economic prosperity and for improving people's lives through education and training, innovation, and environmental awareness. She maintains an active social media presence and has been rated one of the 25 smartest women to follow on Twitter by Fast Company Magazine. She is the Chief Editor for Water Environmental Federation (WEF) publishing agency in the US and is frequently invited to address businesses in Australia and US. Prof. Lunevich’s research interests include areas of critical digital pedagogy, and meta-pedagogy as emerging fields of research and practice.

    Dr. Majed Rabhan Wadaani is an Associate Professor and Chairman in the Department of Special Education, College of Education, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has been working in the areas of thinking skills, creativity development and self-actualization, gifted education, and student support to demonstrate their full potential.