1st Edition

Crespar Findings (1994-1999) In Memory of John H. Hollifield. A Special Double Issue of the journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk

Edited By A. Wade Boykin, Robert E. Slavin Copyright 2000

    This double issue presents summaries of the scholarly and practical-reform accomplishments of the first five years of the Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk (CRESPAR). This bold, five-year initiative addressed several of the problems that most directly challenge the values and practical aspirations of modern democracies.

    The included articles emphasize how CRESPAR has focused on the schools in many of America's most challenging communities. It has both helped local schools improve themselves and advanced the nation's research base.

    This issue was written in commemoration of the life and work of John Henry Hollifield, Jr., founding coeditor. For 28 years, Hollifield served as an editor and administrator at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Social Organization of Schools. When JESPAR was just an idea, Hollifield was one of the people who most strongly advocated its development. He had a ready smile, a fine editorial touch, and a relentless will to produce each excellent issue.

    This issue, summarizing much of the research from CRESPAR's first five years, is presented by the full team of authors in his loving memory.

    Volume 5, Numbers 1 and 2, 2000
    S. Stringfield, Editor's Introduction. A.W. Boykin, The Talent Development Model of Schooling: Placing Students at Promise for Academic Success. G. Borman, Title I: The Evolving Research Base. S.M. Nettles, W. Mucherah, D.S. Jones, Understanding Resilience: The Role of Social Resources. M.G. Sanders, J. Epstein, National Network of Partnership Schools: How Research Influences Educational Practice. B. Cole-Henderson, Organizational Characteristics of Schools That Successfully Serve Low-Income Urban African American Students. B. Wasik, N. Karweit, M.A. Bond, L. Burns Woodruff, G. Jaeger, S. Adee, Early Learning in CRESPAR. R.E. Slavin, N. Madden, Roots and Wings: Effects of Whole-School Reform on Student Achievement. R. Balfanz, D. Mac Iver, Transforming High-Poverty Urban Middle Schools Into Strong Learning Institutions: Lessons From the First Five Years of the Talent Development Middle School. W.J. Jordan, J. McPartland, N. Legters, R. Balfanz, Creating a Comprehensive School Reform Model: The Talent Development High School With Career Academies. A. Datnow, S. Stringfield, Working Together for Reliable School Reform. R. Slavin, Research and Reform: CRESPAR in the 21st Century.


    Boykin, A. Wade; Slavin, Robert E.