2nd Edition

Crimes of the Powerful White-Collar Crime and Beyond

By Dawn Rothe, David Kauzlarich Copyright 2022
    278 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    278 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As politicians and the media perpetuate the stereotype of the "common criminal," crimes committed by the powerful remain for the most part invisible or are reframed as a "bad decision" or a "rare mistake." This is a topic that remains marginalized within the field of criminology and criminal justice, yet crimes of the powerful cause more harm, perpetuate more inequalities, and result in more victimization than street crimes.

    Crimes of the Powerful: White-Collar Crime and Beyond is the first textbook to bring together and show the symbiotic relationships between the related fields of state crime, white- collar crime, corporate crime, financial crime and organized crime, and environmental crime. Dawn L. Rothe and David Kauzlarich introduce the many types of crimes, their theoretical relevance, and issues surrounding regulations and social controls for crimes of the powerful. Themes covered include:

    • media, culture, and the Hollywoodization of crimes of the powerful;
    • theoretical understanding and the study of the crimes of the powerful;
    • typology of crimes of the powerful with examples and case studies;
    • victims of the crimes of the powerful;
    • the regulation and resistance of elite crime.

    Fully updated and revised, the new edition includes new chapters on occupational crime, crimes against the environment, and further coverage of representations of resistance to crimes of the powerful in popular culture. An ideal introductory text for both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking modules on the crimes of the powerful, white- collar crime, state crime, and green criminology, this text includes chapter summaries, activities and discussion questions, and lists of additional resources including films, websites, regulatory agencies, and additional readings.

    1.Introduction to White-Collar Crime and Crimes of the Powerful  2.Media, Culture, and Crimes of the Powerful  3.Theoretical Understandings of Crimes of the Powerful  4.The Symbiotic Nature of Crimes of the Powerful  5.Occupational Crime  6.Corporate Crime  7.State Crime  8.State-Corporate Crime  9.The Relationship Between Organized Crime Networks and Crimes of the Powerful  10.Crimes of International Financial Institutions  11.Environmental Harms and Crimes  12.Victims of Crimes of the Powerful  13.Regulating Crimes of the Powerful  14.Resistance Against Crimes of the Powerful  15The Commodification and Pacification of Crimes of the Powerful Through Everyday Life  16.Concluding Thoughts



    Dawn L. Rothe is a professor of criminology in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida Atlantic University. Her research interests and publications focus on issues of power, inequality, and neoliberalism.

    David Kauzlarich is a professor and Head of Sociology at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. His scholarship focuses on crimes of the powerful and resistance.

    "Rothe and Kauzlarich’s second edition is a pedagogic gem that provides a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the theory and practice of white- collar crime, occupational crime, corporate crime, organized crime, state crime, state- corporate crime, and financial crime from the viewpoints of production, victimization, regulation, and resistance. Like the first edition of Crimes of the Powerful this one will remain the textbook in this field of study."
    Gregg Barak, Founder of the Routledge Crimes of the Powerful Series and Co-founder and North American Editor of the Sage Journal of White Collar and Corporate Crime