1st Edition

Critical Conversations in Philosophy of Education

Edited By Wendy Kohli Copyright 1995

    Critical Conversations in Philosophy of Education presents a series of conversations expressing many of the multiple voices that currently constitute the field of philosophy of education. Philosophy of education as a discipline has undergone several turns--the once marginal perspectives of the various feminisms, critical Marxism, and poststructuralist, postmodernist and cultural theory have gained ground alongside those of Anglo-analytic and pragmatic thought. Just as Western philosophers in general are coming to terms with the "end of philosophy" pronouncement implicit in postmodernism, so too are philosophers of education faced with similar challenges--challenges to long-held moral, political, aesthetic and epistemological commitments. The contributors take up these challenges through a dialogical structure, expressing differing positions without engaging in destructive critique.

    1. Contextualizing the Conversation Wendy Kohli; Part I: WHAT COUNTS AS PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION?: 2. What Counts As Philosophy of Education? Maxine Greene; 3. The Discourse of Philosophy of Education Walter Feinberg; 4. Counting Down to the Milennium D.C. Phillips; Part II: VARIATIONS FROM/ON THE CANON: Aims and Purposes of Education: 5. Education for Domestic Tranquillity Jane Roland Martin; 6. Pragmatism: The Aims of Education and the Meaning of Life Alven Neiman; 7. Permit Them to Flourish Philip W. Bennett; 2Rationality and Reason: 8. Reasonable Doubt: Toward a Postmodern Defense of Reason as an Educational Aim Nicholas C. Burbules; 9. Educating for Emancipatory Rationality Wendy Kohli; 10. Reconceiving Reason Emily Robertson; Educating for Moral and Ethical Life: 11. Postmodernism, Ethics, and Moral Education Clive Beck; 12. Care and Moral Education Nel Noddings; 13. Extending the Boundaries of Moral Education David E. Purpel; Knowledge and Certainty in Uncertain Times: 14. For the Stranger in My Home: Self-Knowledge, Cultural Recognition, and Philosophy of Education Rene Vincente Arcilla; 15. Narrative in Philosophy of Education: A Feminist Tale of Uncertain Knowledge Lynda Stone; 16. Knowledge and Certainty; Feminism, Postmodernism, and Multiculturalism Harvey Siegel; Educating for Public Life: 17. Educating for Public Life James M. Giarelli; 18. Education for Citizenship Kevin Haris; 19. Education for Citizenship: Obstacles and Opportunities Patricia White; Part III: EXPANDING/EXPLODING THE CANON: Culture, Art, and Representation: 20. Textuality and the Designs of Theory Suzanne de Castell; 21. Beyond the Formal and the Psychological: The Arts and Social Possibility Landon E. Beyer; Difference, Identity, and Otherness in a Multicultural World: 22. The Difference We Make: Philosophy of Education and The Tower of Babel Kal Alston; 23. Postmodern Dilemmas Svi Shapiro; Toward a Ecological Perspective: 24. Toward an Ecological Perspective C.A. Bowers; 25. Whose Ecological Perspective? Bringing Ecology Down to Earth Madhu Suri Prakash; Sex, Gender, and the Body: 26. Matters of the Mind Jo Anne Pagano; 27. Turning Tricks Mary S. Leach; Power, Knowledge, and Interets: 28. Needs, Interests, Growth, and Personal Autonomy: Foucault on Power James D. Marshall; 29. Putting the Political Back Into Autonomy James Tooley.


    Wendy Kohli