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Critical Food Studies: Critical Food Studies

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The study of food has seldom been more pressing or prescient. From the intensifying globalization of food, a world-wide food crisis and the continuing inequalities of its production and consumption, to food's exploding media presence, and its growing re-connections to places and people through 'alternative food movements', this series promotes critical explorations of contemporary food cultures and politics. Building on previous but disparate scholarship, its overall aims are to develop innovative and theoretical lenses and empirical material in order to contribute to - but also begin to more fully delineate - the confines and confluences of an agenda of critical food research and writing. Of particular concern are original theoretical and empirical treatments of the materialisations of food politics, meanings and representations, the shifting political economies and ecologies of food production and consumption and the growing transgressions between alternative and corporatist food networks.

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The Rhetorical Construction of Vegetarianism

The Rhetorical Construction of Vegetarianism

1st Edition


Edited By Cristina Hanganu-Bresch
March 02, 2023

This book explores themes in the rhetoric of vegetarian discourse. A vegan practice may help mitigate crises such as climate change, global health challenges, and sharpening socioeconomic disparities, by ensuring both fairness in the treatment of animals and food justice for marginalized ...

Food System Transformations Social Movements, Local Economies, Collaborative Networks

Food System Transformations: Social Movements, Local Economies, Collaborative Networks

1st Edition


Edited By Cordula Kropp, Irene Antoni-Komar, Colin Sage
January 09, 2023

This book examines the role of local food movements, enterprises and networks in the transformation of the currently unsustainable global food system. It explores a series of innovations designed to re-integrate sustainable modes of food production and encourage food sovereignty. It provides ...

Hunger and Postcolonial Writing

Hunger and Postcolonial Writing

1st Edition

By Muzna Rahman
August 17, 2022

Hunger and Postcolonial Writing explores contemporary postcolonial fiction and life-writing from various geo-political contexts. The focus of this work is hunger; individuated in the self-imposed starvation of the hunger protester, and on a mass scale in the form of famine and food insecurity. It ...

Food Sovereignty and Urban Agriculture Concepts, Politics, and Practice in South Africa

Food Sovereignty and Urban Agriculture: Concepts, Politics, and Practice in South Africa

1st Edition

By Anne Siebert
July 08, 2022

This book analyses the interplay of urban agriculture and food sovereignty through the innovative lens of the "critical urban food perspective". It focuses on the mobilisation of urban food producers as a powerful response to highly exclusionary dynamics in the agri-food system including ...

Shifting Food Facts Dietary Discourse in a Post-Truth Culture

Shifting Food Facts: Dietary Discourse in a Post-Truth Culture

1st Edition

By Alissa Overend
May 30, 2022

This book offers a much-needed reframing of food discourse by presenting alternative ways of thinking about the changing politics of food, eating, and nutrition. It examines critical epistemological questions of how food knowledge comes to be shaped and why we see pendulum swings when it comes to ...

Agrifood System Transitions in Brazil New Food Orders

Agrifood System Transitions in Brazil: New Food Orders

1st Edition

By Paulo André Niederle, Valdemar João Wesz Junior
April 29, 2022

This book explores the agrifood system transitions in Brazil to provide a new understanding of the trajectory of agriculture and rural development in this country. It accentuates the increasing diversifi cation and hybridization of food production and consumption practices throughout history. With...

Food Insecurity A Matter of Justice, Sovereignty, and Survival

Food Insecurity: A Matter of Justice, Sovereignty, and Survival

1st Edition

Edited By Tamar Mayer, Molly D. Anderson
April 29, 2022

This book explores the experiences, causes, and consequences of food insecurity in different geographical regions and historical eras. It highlights collective and political actions aimed at food sovereignty as solutions to mitigate suffering. Despite global efforts to end hunger, it persists and ...

Food and Cooking on Early Television in Europe Impact on Postwar Foodways

Food and Cooking on Early Television in Europe: Impact on Postwar Foodways

1st Edition

Edited By Ana Tominc
March 15, 2022

This collection critically examines the role of food programming on European early television and the impact this might have had on food habits and identities for the European audiences. It foregrounds various food programme genres, from travelog, cooking show and TV cooking competition, to more ...

Practising Empowerment in Post-Apartheid South Africa Wine, Ethics and Development

Practising Empowerment in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Wine, Ethics and Development

1st Edition

By Agatha Herman
March 31, 2021

Despite the promise and optimism surrounding the post-apartheid transition, South African society continues to be highly racialised in its discourses, identities and practices, even within the very strategies that aim to change power relations and heal racialised divisions. Renowned for its brutal ...

Digital Food Cultures

Digital Food Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Deborah Lupton, Zeena Feldman
March 11, 2020

This book explores the interrelations between food, technology and knowledge-sharing practices in producing digital food cultures. Digital Food Cultures adopts an innovative approach to examine representations and practices related to food across a variety of digital media: blogs and vlogs (video ...

Geographies of Meat Politics, Economy and Culture

Geographies of Meat: Politics, Economy and Culture

1st Edition

By Harvey Neo, Jody Emel
December 19, 2018

With the ever rising demand for meat around the world, the production of meat has changed dramatically in the past few decades. What has brought about the increasing popularity and attendant normalization of factory farms across many parts of the world? What are some of the ways to resist such...

Alternative Food Politics From the Margins to the Mainstream

Alternative Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream

1st Edition

Edited By Michelle Phillipov, Katherine Kirkwood
December 04, 2018

Media interest in food has intensified in recent years, leading to a contemporary food landscape where ‘alternative’ food practices are increasingly visible. Concerns that were once exclusively the domain of activist movements motivated by environmental, animal rights, health and anti-corporate ...

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