192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Over the past decade, Critical Race Theory (CRT) scholars in education have produced a significant body of work theorizing the impact of race and racism in education. Critical Race Theory Matters provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of this influential movement, shining its keen light on specific issues within education. Through clear and accessible language, the authors synthesize scholarship in the field, highlight major themes and assumptions, and examine strategies of resistance and practices for challenging the existing inequalities in education. By linking theory to everyday practices in today’s classroom, students will understand how CRT is relevant to a host of timely topics, from macro-policies such as Bilingual Education and Affirmative Action to micro-policies such as classroom management and curriculum. Moving beyond identifying problems into the realm of problem solving, Critical Race Theory Matters is a call to action to put into praxis a radical new vision of education in support of equality and social justice.


    Part I – Critical Race Theory Concepts and Education

    Chapter 1: Critical Race Theory Critique of Liberalism

    Chapter 2: Critical Race Theory Critique of Colorblindness

    Chapter 3: Whiteness as Property, Interest Convergence, and Intersectionality

    Part II – Policies and Practices: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Understanding Schooling

    Chapter 4: Macro-Level Policies – Segregation, Desegregation, and Resegregation

    Chapter 5: Macro-Level Policies – Bilingual Education

    Chapter 6: Macro-Level Policies – Higher Education

    Chapter 7: Macro-Level Policies – Affirmative Action

    Chapter 8: Micro-Level Practices – Critical Race Theory Applied in Schools and Classrooms

    Chapter 9: Micro-Level Practices – Race, Racism, and the Everyday Practices of Schooling

    Chapter 10: Critical Race Theory and the Role of Educational Research

    Part III – Narratives of the Oppressed: Countering Master Narratives

    Chapter 11: American Indian Counter Narratives: On Survival and Free Money

    Chapter 12: Chicano/Latino Counter Narratives: The Value of Education

    Chapter 13: African American Counter Narratives: Telling One’s Story, Finding One’s Place

    Chapter 14: Latina Intersections: An Educational Memoir



    Margaret M. Zamudio was Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Wyoming.

    Caskey Russell is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Wyoming.

    Francisco A. Rios is Professor of Educational Studies at the University of Wyoming.

    Jacquelyn L. Bridgeman is Associate Professor at the College of Law, University of Wyoming.

    "The strength of Critical Race Theory Matters is how the authors describe the salient summary points of Critical Race Theory with a clear and cohesive voice. Ideal for undergraduate courses on CRT or critical studies of race, Critical Race Theory Matters fulfills its purpose as an introductory text for students unfamiliar with CRT."

    --Laurence Parker, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Utah