1st Edition

Critical Reflections On Dist.

Edited By Terry Evans, Daryl Nation Copyright 1989

    This book suggests that apparently unrelated vignettes of Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert Mugabe, and Harold Wilson are closely connected and illustrates that the concept of distance education may be seen as one of those innovations which was forged on the frontier of European expansion overseas.

    Acknowledgment -- General Editon' Introduction -- PART 1 THE PROJECT -- Overture -- Chapter 1 Introduction /Terry Evam and Daryl Nation -- Chapter 2 Reflecting on the Project /Terry Evam and Daryl Nation -- PART2 THE PRACTICES -- Chapter 3 The Liberation of Distance: Teaching Women's Studies from China 23 /Jackie Cook -- Chapter4 Personal Reflections in an Introductory Sociology Course 39 /Daryl Nation -- Chapter 5 'Is the University Awful?': Political Activism and Consciousness Raising among External Students 55 /Margaret Grace -- Chapter6 Talking to New England: Interactive Radio in Distance Education 73 /Geoff Arger -- Chapter 7 Teaching Distance Education 95 /Bruce King -- Chapters Using Journals to Encourage Critical Thinking at a Distance 123 /Helen Modra -- Chapter 9 A Distance Education Curriculum for Curriculum Theory 147 /LindJay Fitzclarence and Stephen KemmiJ -- Chapter 10 Democratic Curriculum Development at a Distance: A Case Study of a Curriculum Development for Youthworkers 179 /Frances Bonning and Terry Evans -- Chapter 11 When Teachers Theorize Their Practice: A Reflexive Approach to a Distance Education Course /John Smyth -- PART 3 A CRITIQUE -- Chapter 12 Critical Reflections in Distance Education /Terry Evans and Daryl Nation -- Bibliography -- Index.


    Terry Evans, Daryl Nation