1st Edition

Critical Research in Sport, Health and Physical Education How to Make a Difference

Edited By Richard Pringle, Hakan Larsson, Göran Gerdin Copyright 2019
    270 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    270 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Within the overlapping fields of the sociology of sport, physical education and health education, the use of critical theories and the critical research paradigm has grown in scope. Yet what social impact has this research had?

    This book considers the capacity of critical research and associated social theory to play an active role in challenging social injustices or at least in ‘making a difference’ within health and physical education (HPE) and sporting contexts. It also examines how the use of different social theories impacts sport policies, national curricula and health promotion activities, as well as the practices of HPE teaching and sport training and competition.

    Critical Research in Sport, Health and Physical Education

    is a valuable resource for academics and students working in the fields of research methods, sociology of sport, physical education and health.

    Chapter 5 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at http://www.taylorfrancis.com under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license.

    1. Introduction: Are we making a difference?

    Richard Pringle, Håkan Larsson and Göran Gerdin

    Part I: Critical socio-cultural examinations of sport

    2. Exploring the place of critical research in Sport for Development and Peace

    Simon C. Darnell

    3. Football 4 Peace v Homophobia: A critical exploration of the links between theory, practice and intervention

    Jayne Caudwell and Graham Spacey

    4. Autoethnography and public sociology of sport in Caribbean: Engagement, disengagement and despair

    Roy McCree

    5. Critical research on Black sporting experiences in the United States: Athletic activism and the appeal for social justice

    Billy Hawkins

    6. Problematizing practice: Coach development with Foucault

    Jim Denison & J. P. Mills

    Part II: Critical perspectives and social change within school physical education

    7. Critical pedagogy in physical education as advocacy and action: A reflective account

    Richard Tinning

    8. A new critical pedagogy for physical education in ‘turbulent times’: What are the possibilities?

    David Kirk

    9. In pursuit of a critically oriented Physical Education: Curriculum contests and troublesome knowledge

    Louise McCuaig, Janice Atkin, Doune Macdonald

    10. Socially critical PE: The influence of critical research on the social justice agenda in PETE and PE practice

    Rod Philpot, Göran Gerdin and Wayne Smith

    11. Critical scholarship in physical education teacher education: A journey, not a destination

    Chris Hickey and Amanda Mooney

    12. Gender in Physical Education: A case for performative pedagogy?

    Håkan Larsson

    Part III: Critical health examinations in education and other socio-cultural contexts

    13. Schools and health: An argument against the tide

    Carolyn Pluim and Michael Gard

    14. Is asking salutogenic questions a way of being critical?

    Mikael Quennerstedt and Louise McCuaig

    15. Cruel optimism? Socially critical perspectives on the obesity assemblage

    Lisette Burrows, Deana Leahy and Jan Wright

    16. Critical research in exercise and fitness

    Pirkko Markula

    17. Un-charting the course: Critical indigenous research into Sport, Health and Physical Education

    Brendan Hokowhitu

    18. "What do we want? When do we want it? Now!": Some concluding observations

    Richard Pringle, Håkan Larsson and Göran Gerdin


    Richard Pringle is Professor of Sport and Physical Education at Monash University, Australia, and is on the editorial boards of the International Review for the Sociology of Sport and Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education. He is a critical qualitative researcher who examines diverse socio-cultural and pedagogical issues associated with sport, exercise, health, physical education, bodies and gender relations.

    Håkan Larsson is Professor of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Sweden, where he heads the research group for physical education and sport pedagogy. His main interests concern sport, gender and sexuality, and teaching and learning in physical education. In 2015 he held the honorary scholar lecture at the British Educational Research Association’s Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Invisible College.

    Göran Gerdin is Senior Lecturer of Physical Education and Sport at Linnaeus University, Sweden, and is on the editorial board of the journal Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education. His research focuses on how issues of gender, bodies, spaces and (dis)pleasures shape students’ participation, enjoyment and identities in school health and physical education.