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Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities

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Rapid transitions related to men and masculinities are occurring across the Western world: Men are living and working within post-industrial capitalist societies; the decline of homophobia in some cultural contexts has led to profound changes in the social dynamics of men; and the internet is transforming social lives, particularly for young people. Ways to understand the dynamics of men are diversifying even as social issues related to men and masculinities persist in a range of spheres at an international level. New theoretical developments have also occurred as empirical studies shed new light on familiar topics.

The Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities series will be an important hub for innovative and theoretically rich empirical research that develops a critical understanding of men and masculinities within contemporary societies. This series welcomes research monographs examining important social issues related to boys, men and masculinities, including issues related to class, sexuality, age, ‘race’, individualization, and gender relations in a range of social contexts (e.g. education, society, work, family, sport and media). Books advancing new or innovative theories to understand masculinities will be particularly welcomed, and the series will be a venue for cutting-edge empirical research. Edited books will be accepted if they address a key gap in knowledge and provide a compelling rationale for their inclusion. We welcome relevant scholarship from any country.

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Young Working-Class Men in Transition

Young Working-Class Men in Transition

1st Edition

By Steven Roberts
January 14, 2020

Young Working Class Men in Transition uses a unique blend of concepts from the sociologies of youth and masculinity combined with Bourdieusian social theory to investigate British young working-class men’s transition to adulthood. Indeed, utilising data from biographical interviews as well as an ...

Understanding Threesomes Gender, Sex, and Consensual Non-Monogamy

Understanding Threesomes: Gender, Sex, and Consensual Non-Monogamy

1st Edition

By Ryan Scoats
July 18, 2019

Interest in sexual threesomes is significant, but how much do we really know about them? Why do people engage in them? What influences people’s interest? And what are the longer term ramifications of a threesome? This book explores these questions and more; contextualising the findings in relation ...

Inclusive Masculinities in Contemporary Football Men in the Beautiful Game

Inclusive Masculinities in Contemporary Football: Men in the Beautiful Game

1st Edition

By Rory Magrath
March 26, 2018

Football has traditionally been an institution hostile toward sexual minorities. Boys and men in the sport have deployed high levels of homophobia for multiple reasons. However, the ground-breaking research within this book shows that intolerant attitudes toward gay men are increasingly being ...

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