1st Edition

Cultural Encounters Representing Otherness

Edited By Elizabeth Hallam, Brian Street Copyright 2000

    Cultural Encounters examines how 'otherness' has been constituted, communicated and transformed in cultural representation. Covering a diverse range of media including film, TV, advertisements, video, photographs, painting, novels, poetry, newspapers and material objects, the contributors, who include Ludmilla Jordanova and Ivan Karp, explore the cultural politics of Europe's encounters with Brazil, India, Israel, Australia and Africa, examining the ways in which visual and textual art forms operate in their treatment of cultural difference.

    List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Muslims and European Identity: Can Europe Represent Islam? 2. The Hottentot Venus and the Western Man: Reflections on the Construction of Beauty in the West 3. Orientalist Representations: Palestinians and Arabs in some Post-colonial Film and Literature 4. Sandra Kogut's 'What do you think people think Brazil is?' Rephrasing Identity 5. Imagi-nation: the Media, Nation and Politics in Contemporary India 6. Projecting Africa. Two British Travel Films of the 1920s 7. Museum Ethnography: an Imperial Science 8. Reflections on the Fate of Tipoo's Tiger: Defining Cultures through Public Display 9. Toward and Erotics of the Museum 10. History, Otherness and Display 11. Texts, Objects and Otherness. Problems of Historical Process in Writing and Displaying Cultures


    Elizabeth Hallam is Director of Cultural History at the University of Aberdeen. Brian Street is Professor in the School of Education at King's College, London