1st Edition

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Reflection in Higher Education Promising Practices From the Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute

    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    Culturally Responsive Teaching and Reflection in Higher Education explores how postsecondary educators can develop their own cultural awareness and provide inclusive learning environments for all students. Discussing best practices from the Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute at Lesley University, faculty and administrators who are committed to culturally responsive teaching reflect on how to create an inclusive environment and how educators can cultivate the skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for implementing culturally responsive curriculum and pedagogy. Rather than a list of "right answers," essays in this important resource integrate discussion and individual reflection to support educators to enhance skills for responding effectively to racial, cultural, and social difference in their personal and professional contexts. This book is as an excellent starting point or further enrichment resource to accompany program or institutional diversity and inclusion efforts.


    Preface: An Invitation for Dialogue

    Chapter 1. Introduction: Cultural Literacy, Cultural Humility, and Reflection

    Section I. Knowing Ourselves

    Chapter 2. Who I Am Is How I Teach

    Sharlene Voogd Cochrane

    Chapter 3. Reflections on Identity and Privilege

    Julie A. Stanwood

    Chapter 4. Embracing My Social Class Transition: A Journey to More Effective Teaching

    Michaela Kirby

    Section II. Pedagogy and the Other

    Chapter 5. Learning as the Other: A Lesson in Human Fragility

    Meenakshi Chhabra

    Chapter 6. Becoming an Ally to Indigenous People

    Coleen O’Connell

    Chapter 7. Seizing Teachable Moments: An African American Professor's Reflections of Conversations on Race and Culture With White Students

    M. Francine Jennings

    Section III. Practice in Community

    Chapter 8. Culturally Responsive Professional Practices in the College Classroom and Professional Sites

    Marjorie A. Jones

    Chapter 9. Adult Learners: Where I’m From and Why It Matters

    Deborah D. Wright

    Chapter 10. Working With the Self, Walking With Another

    Deborah Spragg

    Chapter 11. Looking In and Acting Out: A Personal Search for Inclusive Pedagogical Practice

    Janet Sauer

    Reflective Exercises

    I. Where Are You From?

    II. Steppingstones in Responding to Difference

    III. Exploring Power in Leadership

    Notes for Engaging Discussions

    Contributor Biographies


    Sharlene Voogd Cochrane is Professor Emeritus of Interdisciplinary Studies at Lesley University, USA.

    Meenakshi Chhabra is Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Lesley University, USA.

    Marjorie A. Jones is Professor of Education and Writing at Lesley University, USA.

    Deborah Spragg is Director of Field Training and Assistant Professor of Expressive Therapies at Lesley University, USA.