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Culture and Civilization in the Middle East

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This series studies the Middle East through the twin foci of its diverse cultures and civilizations. Comprising original monographs as well as scholarly surveys, it covers topics in the fields of Middle Eastern literature, archaeology, law, history, philosophy, science, folklore, art, architecture and language. While there is a plurality of views, the series presents serious scholarship in a lucid and stimulating fashion.

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The Hanbali School of Law and Ibn Taymiyyah Conflict or Conciliation

The Hanbali School of Law and Ibn Taymiyyah: Conflict or Conciliation

1st Edition

By Abdul Hakim I Al-Matroudi
March 18, 2010

The Hanbali School of Law and Ibn Taymiyyah provides a valuable account of the development of Hanbalite jurisprudence, placing the theoretical and conceptual parameters of this tradition within the grasp of the interested reader. Studying the vibrant yet controversial interaction between Ibn ...

The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad Devotional Piety in Sunni Islam

The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad: Devotional Piety in Sunni Islam

1st Edition

By Marion Holmes Katz
July 09, 2009

In the medieval period, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (the mawlid) was celebrated in popular narratives and ceremonies that expressed the religious agendas and aspirations of ordinary Muslims, including women. This book examines the Mawlid from its origins to the present day and provides a new...

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