2nd Edition

Culture and Power in the Classroom Educational Foundations for the Schooling of Bicultural Students

By Antonia Darder Copyright 2012
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is a timely second edition of the enormously significant book which changed how teachers and community activists view their own practice. This edition concludes with personal essays by teachers, professors, and community activists explaining the direct impact which Culture and Power in the Classroom has had on their lives. Unlike many texts that discuss educational failure, this book provides a historical context for understanding underachievement in our nation. Thoroughly revised to include the new thinking on diversity and learning, this edition includes a new chapter on assessment and the brain. This second edition will be welcomed by previous and new readers alike, and will help influence the approach of a new generation of teachers, whether they are based in schools, colleges or community centres.

    Chapter 1 The Problem with Traditional American Pedagogy and Practice; Chapter 2 The Link Between Culture and Power; Chapter 3 A Critical Theory of Cultural Democracy; Chapter 4 Testing, Inequality, and the Brain; Chapter 5 The Foundation For a Critical Bicultural Pedagogy; Chapter 6 Creating the Conditions For Cultural Democracy in the Classroom; Chapter 7 Forging a Critical Bicultural Praxis; Chapter 8, Paulo Freire;


    Darder, Antonia

    “This revised 20th anniversary edition of Culture and Power in the Classroom is a timely signpost for teachers, parents, students, and other cultural workers who are seeking meaningful education in a climate of gross inequalities. Like Freire, Darder makes praxis the central concept by creating space for the voices of students, parents, and teachers to speak on the limits of monocultural and monolingual educational policies and the possibilities of culturally democratic schooling—a gem of a book.”
    —Peter Mayo, University of Malta

    “Twenty years after the first edition of Culture and Power was published, it remains one of the most influential books in critical bilingual and multicultural education. In this new edition, Antonia Darder again challenges educators of bicultural students to gain greater clarity in discerning the hurtful beliefs, practices, and real material conditions that are too often normalized and thus rendered ideologically invisible. Culture and Power is most timely given the urgent call to prepare teachers to courageously and decisively name and, once and for all, extricate the harmful hidden curriculum in these frightening times.”
    —Lilia Bartolome, University of Massachusetts–Boston