2nd Edition

Curriculum in Early Childhood Education Re-examined, Reclaimed, Renewed

Edited By Jennifer J. Mueller, Nancy File Copyright 2020
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    Curriculum in Early Childhood Education: Re-examined, Reclaimed, Renewed critically and thoroughly examines key questions, aims, and approaches in early childhood curricula.

    Designed to provide a theoretical and philosophical foundation for examining teaching and learning in the early years, this fully updated and timely second edition provokes discussion and analysis among all readers. What influences operate (both historically and currently) to impact what happens in young children's classrooms? Whose perspectives are dominant and whose are ignored? What values are explicit and implicit? Each chapter gives readers a starting point for re-examining key topics, encourages a rich exchange of ideas in the university classroom, and provides a valuable resource for professionals. This second edition has been fully revised to reflect the current complexities and tensions inherent in curricular decision-making and features attention to policy, standardization, play, and diversity, providing readers with historical context, current theories, and new perspectives for the field.

    Curriculum in Early Childhood Education is essential reading for those seeking to examine curriculum in early childhood and develop a stronger understanding of how theories and philosophies intersect with the issues that accompany the creation and implementation of learning experiences.

    1. Curriculum and Research: What Are the Gaps We Ought to Mind, Redux

    Nancy File

    2. Public Policy and Early Childhood Curriculum in the United States

    Christopher P. Brown & David P. Barry

    3. Standards, Correlations, and Questions: Examining the Impact of The Accountability Regime on Early Childhood Curriculum

    Jennifer J. Mueller & Nancy File

    4. From Theory to Curriculum: Developmental Theory and Its Relationship to Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education

    J. Amos Hatch

    5. The Curriculum Theory Lens on Early Childhood: Moving Thought into Action

    Jennifer J. Mueller & Kristin L. Whyte

    6. Engaging with Critical Theories and the Early Childhood Curriculum

    Mindy Blaise & Sharon Ryan

    7. Infant-Toddler Curriculum: Reconsider, Refresh, and Reinforce

    Diane M. Horm, Kyong-Ah Kwon, & Deborah E. Laurin

    8. Unpacking the Tensions in Open-Ended Preschool Curriculum: Teacher Agency, Standardization and English Learners in Creative Curriculum and High/Scope

    Sara Michael-Luna, Lucinda G. Heimer & Leslee Grey

    9. Re-examining Play in the Early Childhood Curriculum

    John A. Sutterby & Deepti Kharod

    10. A Story about Story: The Promise of Multilingual Children and Teachers and a Framework for Integrated Curriculum

    Elizabeth P. Quintero

    11. Changing the Discourse: The Capability Approach and Early Childhood Education

    Cary A. Buzzelli

    12. Countering the Essentialized Discourse of Curriculum: Opening Spaces for Complicated Conversations

    Andrew J. Stremmel, James P. Burns, Christine Nganga & Katherine Bertolini

    13. A Vision of Early Childhood Curriculum Built on Strong Foundations

    Katherine K. Delaney, Kristin L. Whyte, & M. Elizabeth Graue

    14. Reclaiming and Rediscovering in Early Childhood Curriculum: Possibility and Promise

    Nancy File & Jennifer J. Mueller


    Jennifer J. Mueller is Dean of the School of Education at St. Cloud State University, USA.

    Nancy File is Kellner Professor of Early Childhood Education at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.