1st Edition

Cyberbullying and Online Harms Preventions and Interventions from Community to Campus

Edited By Helen Cowie, Carrie-Anne Myers Copyright 2023
    254 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Cyberbullying and Online Harms identifies online harms and their impact on young people, from communities to campuses, exploring current and future interventions to reduce and prevent online harassment and aggression.

    This important resource brings together eminent international researchers whose work shines a light on social issues such as bullying/cyberbullying, racism, homophobia, hate crime, and social exclusion. The text collates into one volume current knowledge and evidence of cyberbullying and its effect on young people, facilitating action to protect victims, challenge perpetrators and develop policies and practices to change cultures that are discriminatory and divisive. It also provides a space where those who have suffered online harms and who have often been silenced in the past may have a voice in telling their experiences and recounting interventions and policies that helped them to create safer spaces in which to live in their community, study in their educational institutions and socialise with their peer group.

    This is essential reading for researchers, academics, undergraduates and postgraduates in sociology, psychology, criminology, media and communication studies, as well as practitioners and policymakers in psychology, education, sociology, criminology, psychiatry, counselling and psychotherapy, and anyone concerned with the issue of bullying, cyberbullying and online harms among young people in higher education.

    Neil Humphrey
    Theme 1: The Nature And Impact Of Cyberbullying And Online Harassment
    1. Cyberbullying And Online Harassment: The Impact On Emotional Health And Well-Being In Higher Education                                                                                                                  
    Sheri Bauman
    2. A Review Of Cyberbullying Perpetration Research: A Lifespan Perspective
    Christopher P. Barlett, Peter K. Smith And Jorge J. Varela
    3. “It Was Only A Bit Of Fun” – When Bullying And Cyberbullying Becomes Harassment And Sexual Violence Among University Students – Findings From The Violence At University Project
    Carrie-Anne Myers, Helen Cowie, Nathan Hudson, Holly Powell-Jones And Emma Short
    Theme 2: The Social And Cultural Contexts Which Facilitate Or Challenge Cyberbullying And Online Harassment
    4. Leadership As A Double-Edged Sword: The Social, Cultural, And Institutional Contexts Of Cyberbullying And Online Harassment                                                                               
    Wanda Cassidy, Chantal Faucher And Margaret Jackson
    5. Racism On Campus
    Gella Richards
    6. Homophobic And Transphobic Online Harassment: Young People In Scotland During The Covid Pandemic                                                                                                                          
    Ian Rivers, Jordan Daly And Liam Stevenson
    7. Cyberbullying And Online Hate Speech In Thailand                                           
    Ruthaychonnee Sittichai And Ram Herkanaidu
    8. Sexual Harassment Within The Workplace After #Metoo And Time’s Up                 
    Francesca Stevens
    9.  Disablism, Cyberbullying And Online Opportunities For Engagement
    Leah Burch
    Theme 3: Legal Perspectives: The Boundaries Of Responsibility
    10. Misogyny In The Metaverse: Leveraging Policy And Education To Address Technology-Facilitated Violence
    Shaheen Shariff, Kaelyn Macaulay, Sara Sanabria, Sarah Zreim And Keighan Blackmore
    11. Stalking In Universities: Responding Effectively As An Institution While Prioritising The Safety Of Victims
    Emma Short And James Barnes
    Theme 4: Coping: Strategies And Interventions
    12. Coping With Cyberbullying And Online Harm: Fostering Social Connectedness Across Fluid Sociotechnical Ecosystems                                                                                                        
    Carmel M. Taddeo And Barbara A. Spears
    13. From Bystanding To Upstanding                                                                          
    Helen Cowie And Carrie-Anne Myers
    14. Rehabilitation And Peer Ecology                                                                                    
    Johannes Nilsson Finne And Ida Risanger Sjursø
    15. Interventions To Challenge Cyberbullying And Online Harassment: The Perspective From Schools                                                                                                                                              
    Kathy Evans And Lynne Gazel
    Theme 5: Effective Policies To Counteract Cyberbullying And Online Harassment
    16. Policies To Address Cyberbullying In Schools And Universities
    Zoe Vaill And Marilyn Campbell
    17. Cyberbullying Of Faculty: When Worlds Collide
    Loraleigh Keashly
    18. Accessible, Inclusive And Enabling Contexts For University Students From A Refugee And Migrant Background
    Carmel Cefai
    19. Cyberbullying In Universities: Looking At The Growing Trends In Developing Countries
    Joshua Rumo Arongo Ndiege, Leah Mutanu
    20. The Rise Of The #Metoo Movement In Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia And Herzegovina     
    Renata Miljević-Riđički


    Helen Cowie is Emerita Professor at the University of Surrey, Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. Currently, she is collaborating with the European Commission through the Network of Experts working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training (NESET) to develop preliminary recommendations for promoting well-being, enhancing mental health resilience, and preventing bullying at school throughout Europe.

    Carrie-Anne Myers is the Associate Dean for Education in the School of Policy and Global Affairs at City, University of London and a Senior Lecturer in Criminology with special reference to Victimology. She has extensive research experience in a number of key areas including: Youth Criminality, School Violence and Bullying, Cyberbullying Across the Educational Lifespan and Victimisation Processes. She has published widely in these key areas and her research has attracted both national and international acclaim and has fed into policy initiatives globally.