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Dam Safety Management / Gestion de la Sécurité des Barrages Pre operational phases of the dam life cycle / Phases de conception, construction et mise en service

By Cigb Icold Copyright 2021
    ISBN 9780367770310
    206 Pages
    Published June 11, 2021 by CRC Press

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    Dam Safety Management is a major concern during the entire lifetime cycle of a dam scheme. This is particularly true for the operational phase of the scheme that represents by far the longest period in its lifetime cycle. Bulletin 154 presented a general approach and concepts to be applied to dam operation. The current Bulletin 175 extends the developed concepts to all phases preceding the operational phase. Many risks associated with the operation of existing dams have their origins in other phases preceding the actual operation. Although there are numerous ICOLD Bulletins addressing technical aspects of planning, design, construction and commissioning of dams, there is not a single Bulletin which covers the subject in a comprehensive manner. The current document is a first attempt to capture all relevant dam safety aspects in all preoperational phases by systematically characterizing the actors involved, their roles, the activities and complex interactions present in different phases of the dam lifecycle. An Overarching Safety Management System is specifically developed that can be applied to all actors involved.

    La gestion de la sécurité des barrages est une préoccupation majeure pendant tout le cycle de vie d'un projet de barrage. Cela est particulièrement vrai pour la phase opérationnelle du système qui représente de loin la période la plus longue de son cycle de vie. Le Bulletin 154 présente une approche générale et des concepts à appliquer à l'exploitation des barrages. Le Bulletin 175 actuel étend les concepts développés à toutes les phases précédant la phase d'exploitation. De nombreux risques associés à l'exploitation des barrages existants ont leur origine dans d'autres phases précédant l'exploitation proprement dite. Bien qu'il existe de nombreux bulletins ICOLD traitant des aspects techniques de la planification, de la conception, de la construction et de la mise en service des barrages, il n'existe pas un seul bulletin qui couvre le sujet de manière exhaustive. Le document actuel est une première tentative de capturer tous les aspects pertinents de la sécurité des barrages dans toutes les phases pré-opérationnelles en caractérisant systématiquement les acteurs impliqués, leurs rôles, les activités et les interactions complexes présentes dans les différentes phases du cycle de vie du barrage. Un système global de gestion de la sécurité est spécifiquement développé et peut être appliqué à tous les acteurs impliqués.

    1. Introduction; 2. Dam development phases and actors; 3. Key issues to be addressed; 4. Overarching safety management system; 5. Engineering principles; 6. Conclusion


    The Commission Internationale des Grands Barrages (CIGB) / International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is a non-governmental International Organization which provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering.

    The Organization leads the profession in ensuring that dams are built safely, efficiently, economically, and without detrimental effects on the environment. Its original aim was to encourage advances in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of large dams and their associated civil works, by collecting and disseminating relevant information and by studying related technical questions.

    Since the late sixties, focus was put on subjects of current concern such as dam safety, monitoring of performance, reanalysis of older dams and spillways, effects of ageing and environmental impact. More recently, new subjects include cost studies at the planning and construction stages, harnessing international rivers, information for the public at large, and financing.

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