5th Edition

Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement

By Victoria L. Bernhardt Copyright 2025
    426 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    426 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    With the 5th Edition of Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement, best-selling Victoria Bernhardt has written the go-to-resource for data analysis in your school! By incorporating collaborative structures to implement, monitor, and evaluate the vision and continuous improvement plan, this book provides a framework to show learning organizations how to create the results they really want for all teachers and all students. 

    A culmination of over 30 years of doing the hard work in schools and districts both nationally and internationally, this 5th Edition shares new, evidence-based information and shows how to analyze, report, communicate, and use multiple measures of data, to create a shared vision and a continuous school improvement plan that gets implemented – a plan that doesn't just gather dust on an office shelf. 

    The revised edition is updated throughout including new chapters on school processes, student achievement, and evaluation.  As always, Dr. Bernhardt provides a wealth of tools, protocols, timelines, examples, and strategies that will help schools and districts become genuine learning organizations. 


    About the Author 


    1. From Compliance to Commitment: Using Data for Continuous School Improvement 

    2. The Continuous School Improvement Framework 

    3. Who We Are: Demographic Data 

    4. How We Do Business: Perceptions Data 

    5. How Are Our Students Doing: Student Learning Data 

    6. What Are Our Processes: School Processes Data 

    7. How Did We Get to Where We Are: Looking Across All the Data

    8. What is Working and What is not Working: Delving Deeper Into the Data

    9. Where do we Want to Be: Creating a Shared vision and monitoring its implementation

    10. How are we going to get to where we want to be: Implementing the shared vision by creating a plan for continuous school improvement

    11. Strategies for Teachers: Using data to implement the vision through the continuous school improvement plan to improve teaching and learning

    12. Is What We Are Doing Making a Difference: Evaluating our Efforts

    13. Continuous School Improvement Timeline: Making Time to do the Work


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    Victoria L. Bernhardt, Ph.D., is the former Executive Director of the Education for the Future Initiative, a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to build the capacity of all learning organizations at all levels to gather, analyze, and use data to continuously improve learning for all students. She is also a Professor Emerita in the College of Communication and Education, at California State University, Chico. 

    “5-STAR!!  Truly a go-by 'bible' for data analysis!”

    Sherry Copeland, Missouri State University, USA. 

    “This book is a valuable resource for principals, district administrators and school communities. It has helped our teachers focus on the larger frame of continuous school improvement that extends beyond measures that exist in every classroom and moves to prompt a comprehensive, systemic implementation. The impact on reshaping teachers perceptions and mindsets has been tremendously valuable.” 

    Steve M. Shiraki, Ph.D., Educational Specialist, retired, Hawaii State Department of Education, USA 

    Praise for the previous edition:

    "I have experienced the transformational, team empowering breakthrough of going full circle with the 'Continuous School Improvement Framework' using the 4th Edition’s updated tools and information. Commitment to the comprehensive framework and wealth of ideas as outlined in the book is key to: building data literacy, developing the team’s clear, shared vision for success, tracking the progress of all students in alignment with curriculum expectations, and monitoring the effectiveness of programs and processes for sustained learning and improvement."  

    Hélène Boudreau, Educator, Ontario, Canada