1st Edition

Data Analytics and Digital Transformation

By Erik Beulen, Marla A. Dans Copyright 2024
    256 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Understanding the significance of data analytics is paramount for digital transformation but in many organizations they are separate units without fully aligned goals. As organizations are applying digital transformations to be adaptive and agile in a competitive environment, data analytics can play a critical role in their success. This book explores the crossroads between them and how to leverage their connection for improved business outcomes. The need to collaborate and share data is becoming an integral part of digital transformation. This not only creates new opportunities but also requires well-considered and continuously assessed decision-making as competitiveness is at stake. This book details approaches, concepts, and frameworks, as well as actionable insights and good practices, including combined data management and agile concepts. Critical issues are discussed such as data quality and data governance, as well as compliance, privacy, and ethics. It also offers insights into how both private and public organizations can innovate and keep up with growing data volumes and increasing technological developments in the short, mid, and long term. This book will be of direct appeal to global researchers and students across a range of business disciplines, including technology and innovation management, organizational studies, and strategic management. It is also relevant for policy makers, regulators, and executives of private and public organizations looking to implement successful transformation policies.

    Part 1: Business context

    1. Digital transformations explained

    2. Data analytics trends clarified

    Part 2: Data analytics foundation

    3. Data-driven decision-making

    4. Monetization of data and data analytics

    5. Data quality – data management in action

    6. Data governance – business and IT collaboration

    7. Data compliance, privacy, and ethics

    Part 3: Digital transformation phase powered by data analytics

    8. Digital 1.0 – Supplementing the going concern with digital initiatives

    9. Digital 2.0 – siloed digital to integrated digital

    10. Digital 3.0 – Preparing for digital transformation 2025

    Part 4: Data sharing-centric digital transformations

    11. Data management and governance implications of data sharing

    12. Data sharing – Competitive and sustainability, compliance, privacy, and ethical implications

    13. Partnering in ecosystems – How to structure collaboration?

    Part 5: Aligning at the crossroads of data analytics and digital transformations

    14. Identifying good practices and roadmaps for aligning analytics and digital organizational goals

    15. 2030 Perspective on leveraging data analytics in achieving digital transformation success


    Erik Beulen is a professor of Information Management at The University of Manchester/AMBS – UK. He is also a professor of Information Management & Digital Transformations at Tilburg University – NL and the academic director of the executive MSc Information Management & Digital Transformations at TIAS Business School (NL). Erik is also an external advisor at Bain & Company.

    Marla A. Dans is Head of Data Management and Governance at Chicago Trading Company (CTC) – United States. Prior to CTC, Marla was Head of Data Governance at Tradeweb, consulted for data programs across multiple financial services firms, held a strategic position in JP Morgan Asset Management’s chief data office, and for nearly two decades worked for Morgan Stanley in executive director roles in information technology, across application development, DevOps, infrastructure, and information security roles.

    "The best books about digital transformation combine a practitioner's experience together with original insight. Beulen and Dans have provided genuine insight based on strong fundamentals. 

    They understand and describe the need for an enhanced architecture function, the importance of data quality and how data ownership principles must be applied before significant strides can be made in analysis and enable implementation of AI capabilities.

    As a Chief Data Officer this is a must-read, including interviews with top industry experts like Julia Bardmesser, the topics covered range from ethical considerations for data usage through to adoption of advanced technologies in service of a data-first organization." Andrew Foster, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank and lead contributor to EDM Council's Cloud Data Managment Capabilities standard (CDMC)