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Business and Digital Transformation

About the Series

Digital technologies are transforming societies across the globe, the effects of which are yet to be fully understood. In the business world, technological disruption brings an array of challenges and opportunities for organizations, management and the workplace.

This series of textbooks provides a student-centred library to analyse, explore and critique the evolutionary effects of technology on the business world. Each book in the series takes the perspective of a key business discipline and examines the transformational potential of digital technology, aided by real world cases and examples.

With contributions from expert scholars across the globe, the books in this series enable critical thinking students to excel in their studies of the new digital business environment.

5 Series Titles

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Navigating Digital Transformation in Management

Navigating Digital Transformation in Management

1st Edition


By Richard Busulwa
October 31, 2022

Navigating Digital Transformation in Management provides a thorough introduction to the implications of digital transformation for leaders and managers. The book clearly outlines what new or enhanced roles and activities digital transformation requires of them. The book takes a practical approach ...

Demand-Driven Business Strategy Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation

Demand-Driven Business Strategy: Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation

1st Edition

By Cor Molenaar
February 24, 2022

Demand-Driven Business Strategy explains the ways of transforming business models from supply driven to demand driven through digital technologies and big data analytics. The book covers important topics such as digital leadership, the role of artificial intelligence, and platform firms and their ...

Digital Transformation in Accounting

Digital Transformation in Accounting

1st Edition

By Richard Busulwa, Nina Evans
May 31, 2021

Digital Transformation in Accounting is a critical guidebook for accountancy and digital business students and practitioners to navigate the effects of digital technology advancements, digital disruption, and digital transformation on the accounting profession. Drawing on the latest research, ...

Hospitality Management and Digital Transformation Balancing Efficiency, Agility and Guest Experience in the Era of Disruption

Hospitality Management and Digital Transformation: Balancing Efficiency, Agility and Guest Experience in the Era of Disruption

1st Edition

By Richard Busulwa, Nina Evans, Aaron Oh, Moon Kang
December 29, 2020

Hospitality managers are at a critical inflection point. Digital technology advancements are ramping up guest expectations and introducing nontraditional competitors that are beginning to disrupt the whole industry. The hospitality managers whose organizations are to thrive need to get their ...

Strategic Digital Transformation A Results-Driven Approach

Strategic Digital Transformation: A Results-Driven Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Alex Fenton, Gordon Fletcher, Marie Griffiths
December 02, 2019

Emerging technologies are having a profound impact upon business as individuals and organisations increasingly embrace the benefits of the ‘always on’ attitude that digital technologies produce. The use of the web, apps, cloud storage, GPS and Internet-connected devices has transformed the way we ...

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