1st Edition

Death and Funeral Practices in Poland

    144 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides a shortform definitive reference text on funerary practice in Poland. An overview of the important features of the Polish funeral law, funerals, cremations, cemeteries, and funeral industry, the book also covers the demographic characteristic of mortality in Poland.

    Drawing on original empirical research, the book is interdisciplinary, which facilitates further transnational comparative research on this important topic. It is the first book to offer a broad look at the evolution and current status of Polish funerary practices. It provides an essential summary to researchers with an interest in funeral practices in Poland. Some of the areas explored are the country’s historical development, the contemporary legal framework and how Poland manages its cemeteries, crematoria and other death spaces. Built on original ethnographic research conducted by the authors, this book interprets the predominance of Catholic funerals, examines the relatively recent history of cremation, and contextualizes the practices of commemoration and memoralisation.

    This interdisciplinary book will be of interest to academics, policymakers and practitioners interested in the historic, geographic, demographic, (multi)cultural and political context in which the funerary practices in Poland have developed, as well as the technical and professional aspects of the industry.

    1. Poland: Introduction 

    Anna Długozima, Anna E. Kubiak and Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka 

    2. History

    Anna E. Kubiak, Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka and Anna Długozima 

    3. Mortality 

    Piotr Szukalski 

    4. Legal Framework of Funerals and Cemeteries 

    Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka and Anna Długozima 

    5. Governance 

    Anna Długozima and Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka 

    6. Religious Beliefs and Funerary Practices of the Churches 

    Anna E. Kubiak and Anna Długozima 

    7. The Funeral Industry 

    Anna E. Kubiak 

    8.The Funeral 

    Anna E. Kubiak 

    9. Funeral Costs 

    Anna Długozima 

    10. Cemeteries, Burial Sites, and Graves 

    Anna Długozima 

    11. Cremation 

    Anna E. Kubiak and Anna Długozima 

    12. Commemoration and Memorialisation 

    Anna Długozima and Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka 

    13. Protecting Funerary Heritage 

    Anna Długozima


    Anna E. Kubiak is a Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, and a Lecturer at the Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw, Poland.

    Anna Długozima is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Environmental Engineering at WULS, Warsaw, Poland.

    Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka works at the Faculty of Law and Economics at Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland.