2nd Edition

Debates in Physical Education

Edited By Susan Capel, Richard Blair Copyright 2020
    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    This new and updated second edition of Debates in Physical Education explores issues physical education teachers encounter in their daily lives. By engaging with both established and contemporary debates, this volume challenges readers to think about and reflect on the relative validity of positions presented in order to develop their own reasoned and personal view in relation to the topics explored.

    Divided into four accessible sections, this book investigates and offers fresh insight into topics of central importance in physical education. Chapters include, for example:

    • Physical education as a means or as an end in itself;
    • Knowledge for physical education;
    • The physical education curriculum;
    • Assessment in physical education;
    • Technology, pedagogy and physical education.
    • Physical education beyond schools and teachers.

    Designed to stimulate discussion and support readers in their own research, writing and practice, Debates in Physical Education will be a valuable resource for any student or practising teacher engaged in initial teacher education, continuing professional development or Master's level study.

    List of Illustrations

    List of Contributors

    Introduction to the series



    Section 1: The evolving context of physical education



    Governments and physical education

    David Kirk



    Physical education and society

    Ken Green



    Children and young people and physical education

    Ian Luke, Sean Macblain and Gill Golder



    Physical education – a joined up approach

    Susan Capel and Richard Blair



    Physical education beyond schools and teachers

    Richard Blair and Mark Guildea


    Section 2: Education, physical education, knowledge and learning



    What is the education in physical education?

    Margaret Whitehead



    Physical education in education – a means or an end in itself?

    Margaret Whitehead



    Knowledge for physical education

    Mike Waring and Frank Herold



    Physical education knowledge, learning and pedagogy

    Richard Blair and Susan Capel


    Section 3: Physical education curriculum and policy



    Primary school physical education

    Mike Jess and Nicola Carse



    Secondary school physical education

    Mark Bowler, Angela Newton, Saul Keyworth and Joanne McKeown



    Assessment in physical education

    Dawn Penney



    Curriculum - value and interpretation

    Mary O’Sullivan,  Antonio Calderón and Brigitte Moody


    Section 4: Physical education and pedagogy



    Inclusion, pedagogy and physical education

    Gary Stidder and Richard Blair



    Lifestyle, pedagogy and physical education

    Lee Beaumont and Victoria Warburton



    Health, pedagogy and physical education

    Lorraine Cale, Jo Harris and Oliver Hooper



    Sport, pedagogy and physical education

    Barbara Walsh



    Technology, pedagogy and physical education

    Charlotte Kerner and Victoria Goodyear



    Professor Susan Capel is Emeritus Professor at Brunel University London, where she was previously Head of School of Sport and Education. She is a past president of the Physical Education Association of the United Kingdom (now called the Association for Physical Education). Her main research interest is in physical education initial teacher education. She is co-editor of Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School and A Practical Guide to Teaching Physical Education.

    Dr Richard Blair is the programme leader for physical education and youth sport at Brunel University London. His teaching is focused on policy and pedagogy in education, physical education and youth sport. His research interests focus on how teachers, coaches and other adults understand the contexts of physical education, youth sports and physical activity and their role within each of the different settings.

    "This is a completely revamped edition of the 2013 version and explores current issues as well as longestablished ones, such as the purpose of physical education (PE), assessment and inclusion... The book was released during a pandemic and will provoke self-analysis in reimagining our subject... Highly recommended!" - Declan Hablin, Physical Education Matters