1st Edition

Decolonising Lifelong Learning in the Age of Transnational Migration

Edited By Shibao Guo, Srabani Maitra Copyright 2020
    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    Decolonising Lifelong Learning in the Age of Transnational Migration examines how colonialism has shaped migration and migrants’ transnational learning experiences. With the development of modern transportation and advanced communication technologies, migration has shifted from international to transnational, characterised by the multiple and circular migration across transnational spaces of migrants who maintain close contact with their country of origin.

    The book interrogates the colonial assumptions and Eurocentric tendencies influencing the current ideological moorings of lifelong learning theories, policies, and practices in the age of transnational migration. It calls for an approach to lifelong learning that aims to decolonise the ideological underpinnings of colonial relations of rule, especially in terms of its racialised privileging of ‘whiteness’ and Eurocentrism as normative processes of knowledge accumulation. This volume cover a wide range of topics, including:

    • Theorising decolonisation in lifelong learning and transnational migration

    • Decolonising racism, sexism, and settler colonialism

    • Decolonising knowledge production and recognition

    • Decolonising the life course

    • Decolonising lifelong learning policies

    • Decolonising pedagogic and curricular approaches to lifelong learning

    Overall, the chapters represent the collective efforts of the contributors in attempting to decolonise lifelong learning in the age of transnational migration. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Lifelong Education.

    Introduction: Decolonising lifelong learning in the age of transnational migration, Shibao Guo and Srabani Maitra

    Chapter 1: Theorising decolonisation in the context of lifelong learning and transnational migration: anticolonial and anti-racist perspectives, Srabani Maitra and Shibao Guo

    Chapter 2: Abyssal lines and cartographies of exclusion in migration and education: towards a reimagining, Linda Morrice

    Chapter 3: Towards a postcolonial politics of appearance: unsettling lifelong learning as a racial contract, Hongxia Shan

    Chapter 4: Ageing transmigrants and the decolonisation of life course, Shamette Hepburn and Roland Sintos Coloma

    Chapter 5: Decolonising dominant knowledge constructions in the education of immigrant youth in Canada, Dan Cui

    Chapter 6: Futures in line? Occupational choice among migrant adult students in Sweden, Magnus Dahlstedt and Andreas Fejes

    Chapter 7: Transnational strategies and lifelong learning in the shadow of citizenship: Chinese migrants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Jinting Wu

    Chapter 8: Unsettling equity frames in Australian universities to embrace people seeking asylum, Sue Webb, Karen Dunwoodie and Jane Wilkinson


    Shibao Guo is a professor at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada. He specialises in citizenship and immigration, adult and lifelong learning, and comparative and international education. He has numerous publications, including books, journal articles, and book chapters. Currently he serves as co-editor of Canadian Ethnic Studies.

    Srabani Maitra is a lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, UK. Her research combines interdisciplinary theories and methodologies from sociology and education to focus on education/learning, workplace skill training, and transnational migration, as well as anti-racist and anti-colonial education.