1st Edition

Decolonizing Foreign Language Education The Misteaching of English and Other Colonial Languages

Edited By Donaldo Macedo Copyright 2019
    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    322 Pages
    by Routledge

    Decolonizing Foreign Language Education interrogates current foreign language and second language education approaches that prioritize white, western thought. Edited by acclaimed critical theorist and linguist Donaldo Macedo, this volume includes cutting-edge work by a select group of critical language scholars working to rigorously challenge the marginalization of foreign language education and the displacement of indigenous and non-standard language varieties through the reification of colonial languages. Each chapter confronts the hold of colonialism and imperialism that inform and shape the relationship between foreign language education and literary studies by asserting that a critical approach to applied linguistics is just as important a tool for FL/ESL/EFL educators as literature or linguistic theory.



    [Michael DeGraff]

    Chapter 1: Decolonizing Foreign Language Education: A Paradigm Shift to Translanguaging as an Imperial Rupture [Donaldo Macedo]

    Chapter 2: Between Globalization and Decolonization: Foreign Languages in the Cross-Fire

    [Claire Kramsch]

    Chapter 3: Time for a paradigm shift in U.S. Foreign Language Education? Revisiting Rationales, Evidence and Outcomes

    [Timothy Reagan and Terry A. Osborn]

    Chapter 4: SLA for the 21st Century: Disciplinary Progress, Transdisciplinary Relevance, and the Bi/multilingual Turn

    [Lourdes Ortega]

    Chapter 5: Towards Decolonizing Decolonizing Heritage Language Teacher Education

    [Theresa Austin]

    Chapter 6: Decolonizing Foreign, Second, Heritage, and First Languages: Implications for Education

    [Ofelia Garcia]

    Chapter 7: From Translaguaging to Translingual Activism

    [Alastair Pennycook]

    Chapter 8: A Multilingual Perspective on Translaguaging

    [Jeff Macswam]

    Chapter 9: English Language Learning in Globalized Third Spaces: From Monocultural Standardization to Hybridized Translaguaging

    [David Hemphill and Erin Blakely]

    Chapter 10: Mapping the Web of Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education

    [Hatice Celebi]

    Chapter 11: Decolonizing World Language Education: Toward Multilingualism

    [Francois Victor Tochon]


    Donaldo Macedo is Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Education at University of Massachusetts Boston.  He is a leading authority in critical language studies and critical pedagogy and has published extensively in the areas of Creole languages, critical literacy, bilingualism, and multiculturalism. He is the founder and former chair of the Applied Linguistics Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

    "Applied linguists, Macedo argues, must not only value science, but also historicize objects of scientifc inquiry. Simultaneously, they must prepare teachers to acknowl>edge that all methods (tacitly or explicitly) assume a political stance, and that claims to apoliticality actually reinforce colonizing eforts under the guise of ‘objectivity.’ The contributors to this volume succeed considerably in furthering this goal. Accord>ingly, any applied linguist, teacher educator, language teacher, or educator of linguistic minorities would beneft from reading it."
    -Katharine Glanbock, Language Policy