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Dementia in Critical Dialogue

About the Series

This series will bring together diverse and multidisciplinary commentators around key areas for development in the field of dementia studies. It will include, but not be restricted to edited collections and monographs that will embrace a dialogic and relational approach where writers from within the field of dementia studies engage in a critical exchange with those from other fields.

The series will offer a critical perspective on key and emerging issues for the field of dementia with relevance to research, policy and practice. It contains a reasonable mix of theoretical, policy-related, methodological and applied research contributions. We would like to encourage texts that incorporate transnational and majority world/Global South perspectives in the understanding of dementia. The series editors will appoint a volume editor(s) and work closely with them to help bring together an appropriate mix of authors for each edition.

Series Editors:

Richard Ward ([email protected])

Linn J Sandberg ([email protected])

James Fletcher ([email protected])

Andrea Capstick ([email protected])

If you wish to submit a book proposal for the series, please contact the Series Editors or Emily Briggs [email protected]

3 Series Titles

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The Biopolitics of Dementia A Neurocritical Perspective

The Biopolitics of Dementia: A Neurocritical Perspective

1st Edition

By James Rupert Fletcher
November 24, 2023

This book explores how dementia studies relates to dementia’s growing public profile and corresponding research economy. The book argues that a neuropsychiatric biopolitics of dementia positions dementia as a syndrome of cognitive decline, caused by discrete brain diseases, distinct from ageing, ...

A Critical History of Dementia Studies

A Critical History of Dementia Studies

1st Edition

Edited By James Rupert Fletcher, Andrea Capstick
September 26, 2023

This book offers the first ever critical history of dementia studies. Focusing on the emergence of dementia studies as a discrete area of academic interest in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, it draws on critical theory to interrogate the very notion of dementia studies as an entity, ...

Critical Dementia Studies An Introduction

Critical Dementia Studies: An Introduction

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Ward, Linn J. Sandberg
March 15, 2023

This book puts the critical into dementia studies. It makes a timely and novel contribution to the field, offering a thought-provoking critique of current thinking and debate on dementia. Collectively the contributions gathered together in this text make a powerful case for a more politically ...

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