1st Edition

Descriptosaurus Grammar Companion Ages 9 to 12 A Language Toolkit and Support for Creative Writing

By Alison Wilcox Copyright 2024
    446 Pages
    by Routledge

    446 Pages
    by Routledge

    Descriptosaurus Grammar Companion Ages 9 to 12 is a flexible grammar toolkit based on current research about effective strategies for teaching grammar tools and sentence construction (investigation, imitation, combining and expansion). It includes guidelines, exercises, scaffolds and models, and by showing a clear progression route to the acquisition and consolidation of increasingly more complex grammar tools it provides teachers and students with a road map that makes learning about sentence construction and revision visible.

    This book is a collection of connected resources that can be used as and when required and it provides an easily accessible differentiation resource for each student based on their current stage of development, not the age-related targets and expectations. It enables the learning process for grammar tools to be recursive rather than linear; to be regularly revisited in short bursts to consolidate students’ knowledge and usage, or to correct any misconceptions or problem areas without impeding any writing activities already planned. Chapters focus on four main points:

    • Investigation
    • Imitation
    • Combining
    • Expansion

    This Grammar Companion supports the main Descriptosaurus book and scaffolds students in their journey through the world of language. This essential resource will strengthen their language muscles and build confidence with sentence manipulation when revising their own texts, thus freeing their minds to think about the important issues of writing: content, audience and purpose, and organisation and structure.




    CHAPTER 1 Chunking into Sentence Parts

    CHAPTER 2 Subject and Predicate

    CHAPTER 3 Writing Craft Tools

    CHAPTER 4 Investigative Approach

    CHAPTER 5 Prepositional Phrases

    CHAPTER 6 Adverb Clauses

    CHAPTER 7 Relative Clauses

    CHAPTER 8 Participial Phrases


    CHAPTER 9 Sentence Imitation Method

    CHAPTER 10 Expanded Noun Phrases

    CHAPTER 11 Opening and Delayed Adjectives

    CHAPTER 12 Opening and Delayed Adverbs

    CHAPTER 13 Compound Verbs

    CHAPTER 14 Examples from Literature



    CHAPTER 15 Sentence Combining Method

    CHAPTER 16 Expanded Noun Phrases

    CHAPTER 17 Adverb Clauses

    CHAPTER 18 Relative Clauses

    CHAPTER 19 Participial Phrases

    CHAPTER 20 Creating a Sentence Combining exercise from a text

    CHAPTER 21 Sentence Combining – Poetry

    CHAPTER 22 Sentence Combining – Non-fiction

    CHAPTER 23 Sentence Combining – History: The Blitz WWII

    CHAPTER 24 Sentence Combining – Settings

    CHAPTER 25 De-Combining Sentences and Paragraphs


    CHAPTER 26 Sentence Expansion Method

    CHAPTER 27 A Writer’s Lens – Sentence Expansion

    CHAPTER 28 Show not Tell: Warm-up Exercises



    Alison Wilcox has extensive teaching experience in schools in England and Scotland. Colleagues describe her methods as "innovative and inspirational to even the most reluctant of writers".