1st Edition

Descriptosaurus Punctuation in Action Year 3: Ruby Red

By Alison Wilcox Copyright 2022
    92 Pages 82 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    92 Pages 82 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    You’ve heard of Little Red Riding Hood – now meet her cousin, Ruby Red, who makes the same journey through the forest to visit her granny. However, Ruby Red’s story takes a strange turn when she also meets a wolf in the forest. In grave danger, lost in the dark forest and sick from eating poisonous berries, Ruby learns the importance of listening to her parents, keeping her promises and not judging everyone by the actions of one member of a group.

    Join Ruby on her journey as she writes the story of her meeting with the wolf and as she learns with the assistance of the wolf and Punctua, the Fairy Godmother of Writing, to punctuate properly and become a bestselling author.

    Descriptosaurus Punctuation in Action Year 3: Ruby Red is part of a short series of age-specific, beautifully illustrated stories that can be read for pleasure and/or used as a contextualised resource, containing a step-by-step guide to teaching punctuation. The characters from each story are used to demonstrate a range of punctuation rules in a fun and engaging way appropriate to the book’s age group. Areas covered include:

    • formulating punctuation rules.
    • the use of misconceptions to highlight common errors.
    • teaching tips to provide a punctuation model.

    The book explores the impact of punctuation on reading, understanding, meaning and effect, and can be used as a basis for pupils’ own punctuation or included in their ‘Writer’s Toolkit.’ These new Descriptosaurus stories are an indispensable teaching aid for making punctuation fun for all primary teachers and literacy coordinators.




    CHAPTER 1 Ruby Red

    CHAPTER 2 The Forest

    CHAPTER 3 The Berries

    CHAPTER 4 The Wolf


    CHAPTER 5 Meet the Characters

    Section 1: Ruby

    Section 2: Mr. Wolf (Lord of Lupus Forest)

    Section 3: Punctua (Fairy Godmother of Writing)

    CHAPTER 6 Editing a Story

    Section 1: Writing and Editing Tips

    Section 2: Sentences

    Section 3: Comma Splicing

    CHAPTER 7 Capital Letters

    Section 1: Beginning of a sentence/names of people

    Section 2: Names of places

    Section 3: Days of the Week & Months of the Year

    Section 4: Capital Letters Editing Checklist

    CHAPTER 8 Question Marks

    CHAPTER 9 Exclamation Marks

    CHAPTER 10 Inverted Commas (Speech Marks)

    Section 1: When and How to Use

    Section 2: How to punctuate inside the Speech Marks

    CHAPTER 11 Apostrophes

    Section 1: Possession

    Section 2: Plural nouns ending in ‘s’

    Section 3: Singular nouns ending in ‘s’

    Section 4: Contraction/missing letters

    Section 5: It’s/its; they’re/ their; you’re/your

    Section 6: Editing Checklist

    CHAPTER 12 Commas

    Section 1: Commas in a list

    Section 2: To make the meaning clear

    Section 3: To separate parts of a sentence


    Checklist: Ruby’s Editing Checklist – Level 1

    Checklist: Ruby’s Editing Checklist – Level 2

    Lord Lupus’ Challenge: Correct the errors in the passage

    Certificate: Editing Level 1

    Certificate: Editing Level 2


    Alison Wilcox is the author of the Descriptosaurus series and has worked as a primary school teacher for many years. Whilst teaching, she developed Descriptosaurus to scaffold and improve children’s creative writing, with dramatic results, and she made the decision to give up full-time teaching to work on the Descriptosaurus series. To keep up to date with current practices in schools, Alison undertakes brief teaching assignments, works with schools to develop new resources and conducts workshops for schools and teaching alliances.