1st Edition

Design Engineer's Sourcebook

By K. L. Richards Copyright 2018
    1218 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Design Engineer's Sourcebook provides a practical resource for engineers, product designers, technical managers, students, and others needing a design-oriented reference. This volume covers the mathematics, mechanics, and materials properties needed for analysis and design, with numerous examples. A wide range of mechanical components and mechanisms are then covered, with case studies interspersed to show real engineering practice. Manufacturing is then surveyed, in the context of mechanical design. The book concludes with information on clutches, brakes, transmission and other topics important for vehicle engineering. Tables, figures and charts are included for reference.

    Section I Reference

    1. Mathematics

    2. Introduction to Numerical Methods

    3. Probability

    4. Statistics

    5. Properties of Sections and Figures

    6. Properties of Engineering Materials

    Section II Mechanics

    7. Statics

    8. Dynamics

    9. Mechanical Vibrations

    10. Control Systems

    11. Physics

    12. Thermodynamic Basics

    13. Fluid Mechanics

    14. Introduction to Analytical Stress Analysis and the Use of Mohr’s Circle

    15. Introduction to Experimental Stress Analysis

    16. Introduction to Fatigue and Fracture

    Section III Design of Mechanical Elements

    17. Introduction to Material Selection

    18. Beams

    19. Torsion of Solid Sections

    20. Combined Torsion and Bending

    21. Shaft Design Basics

    22. Keys and Spline Calculations

    23. Columns and Struts

    24. Eccentric Loading

    25. Thick Cylinders

    26. Compound Cylinders

    27. Flat Plates

    28. Methods of Attachments

    29. The Design and Analysis of Helical Compression Springs Manufactured from Round Wire

    30. Design and Analysis of Lugs and Shear Pins

    31. Mechanical Fasteners

    32. Limits and Fits

    33. Energy Systems (Flywheels)

    34. Introduction to Linkages

    35. Introduction to Cams and Followers

    36. Geared Systems

    37. Power Screws

    38. Clutches

    39. Design of Brakes

    40. Couplings

    41. Bearings

    42. Engineering Seals

    43. Belt Drives

    44. Roller Chain Drives

    45. Lubrication

    46. Introduction to Stepper Motors and Their Drives

    47. Squirrel-Cage Motors

    48. Synchronous Motors

    49. Introduction to Reverse Engineering

    50. General Tables


    Keith L. Richards is a mechanical design engineer with over 55 years experience. He started with an engineering apprenticeship at B.S.A. Tools, working on a wide range of machine tools, including automatic lathes. Leaving B.S.A. to work as a freelance engineering designer, he worked on aluminum rolling mill design, industrial forklift trucks, and offshore oil production platforms. More recently Richards has worked in aerospace industry projects, including aircraft undercarriage designs, and envronmental