7th Edition

Developmental Science An Advanced Textbook

Edited By Marc H. Bornstein, Michael E. Lamb Copyright 2016
    824 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Developmental Science: An Advanced Textbook is the most complete and cutting-edge introduction to the field available today. Since its initial publication, the key purpose of the text has been to furnish inclusive developmental perspectives on all substantive areas in psychology—neuroscience, perception, cognition, language, emotion, and social interaction. This edition is no exception, as it continues to underscore the dynamic and exciting status of contemporary developmental science.

    In this Seventh Edition, Marc H. Bornstein and Michael E. Lamb once again invite international experts to prepare original, comprehensive, and topical treatments of the major areas of developmental science, which are masterfully woven into a single coherent volume. Some chapters in this edition are new, and those carried forward from the sixth edition have been extensively revised. This volume represents faithfully the current status of scholarly efforts in all aspects of developmental science. Ideal for advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate courses, the text is accompanied by a website with supplementary material for students and instructors, including chapter outlines, topics to think about before reading, glossaries, and suggested readings.

    Part I: Foundations of Developmental Science 

    1. Concepts and Theories of Human Development, Richard M. Lerner, Rachel M. Hershberg, Lacey J. Hilliard, and Sara K. Johnson

    2. Culture in Development, Martin Packer and Michael Cole

    3. Design, Measurement, and Analysis in Developmental Research, Donald P. Hartmann, Craig B. Abbott, and Kelley E. Pelzel

    Part II: Neuroscience, Perceptual, Cognitive and Language Development

    4. Developmental Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, and Genetics, Mark H. Johnson

    5. Physical and Motor Development, Karen E. Adolph and Sarah E. Berger

    6. Perceptual Development, Marc H. Bornstein, Martha E. Arterberry, and Clay Mash

    7. The Development of Cognitive Abilities, David F. Bjorklund and Alyson Myers

    8. Language Development, Erika Hoff

    Park III: Personality and the Social Contexts of Development

    9. The Individual Child: Temperament, Emotion, Self, and Personality, Rebecca Goodvin, Ross A. Thompson, and Abby C. Winer

    10. The Role of Parent-Child Relationships in Child Development, Michael E. Lamb and Charlie Lewis

    11. Peer Relationships, Kenneth H. Rubin, Robert J. Coplan, Xinyin Chen, Julie C. Bowker, Kristina L. McDonald, and Sara Heverly-Fitt

    12. School and Community Influences on Human Development, Jacquelynne S. Eccles and Robert W. Roeser

    13. Children and the Law: Examples of Applied Developmental Psychology in Action, Lindsay C. Malloy and Michael E. Lamb


    Marc H. Bornstein is Editor of Parenting: Science and Practice and Senior Investigator and Head of Child and Family Research in the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

    Michael E. Lamb is Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

    Developmental Science informs and challenges the intellect as a handbook for scientists would. The historical and theoretical contexts are refreshingly strong, the scope is comprehensive, and the coverage of major concepts and empirical findings is outstanding. Importantly, its lucid writing makes it very readable for students as well as seasoned scientists.

    —Terry Kit-fong Au, Chair Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Developmental science is an interdisciplinary field, a fact that this excellent volume makes clear with its wide scope of up-to-date coverage, including contributions by experts on neuroscience, genetics, culture, language and so much more. In consequence, it serves the needs of 21st century advanced undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs and faculty alike.

    —Jay Belsky, Robert M. and Natalie Reid Dorn Professor, University of California, Davis, US

    Loaded with top talent from stem to stern, Bornstein and Lamb, two of the field’s leading developmental scientists, have once again given us an advanced text of taste, sophistication, and depth. It is almost magisterial in its comprehensiveness, scope and scale.

    —David Henry Feldman, Professor and Chair, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development, Tufts University, US

    This seventh edition of Developmental Science is a superb guide to the why, what, and how of developmental science. The thirteen chapters, written by leading scientists, provide historical context as well as recent findings and new perspectives. This edited volume is a valuable resource for advanced undergraduates and specialists alike.

    —Merideth Gattis, Professor, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, UK

    This volume, now into its seventh edition, continues to be a superb developmental text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses. Indeed, its contribution moves far beyond that of a text. Each content chapter is written by an expert in the area, and so any researcher wanting to keep up with advances in the entire field can do so by accessing this comprehensive and scholarly overview.

    —Joan E. Grusec, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada

    This latest edition, by two eminent developmental psychologists, has drawn together leading experts who provide comprehensive summaries and appraisals of the key substantive content areas. This volume provides an excellent, current, and readable overview of the field.

    —George W. Holden, Professor of Psychology, Southern Methodist University, US

    This latest edition of Developmental Science is a welcome and much needed entry for our field. Bornstein and Lamb have assembled a stellar cast of experts from various subfields of development who together address not only basic theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues but applied and policy relevant topics as well. This volume is the most comprehensive, sophisticated and up-to-date overview of development available on the market. For advanced undergraduates and graduate students, no developmental text can rival this volume.

    —Ross D. Parke, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, University of California, Riverside, US

    A terrific mix of new and updated chapters, this volume provides an outstanding overview of current knowledge of children's development.

    —Robert S. Siegler, Teresa Heinz Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, US

    As they’ve done in previous editions of this marvelous text, Bornstein and Lamb have gathered together contributions from the leading experts in the field. The coverage is thorough, with not only attention paid to the basics of cognitive, emotional, and social development, but also proper consideration of how individual development unfolds in a social context. I recommend this book highly to instructors who are searching for something more advanced than the conventional introduction to developmental psychology used in entry-level courses.

    —Laurence Steinberg, Professor of Psychology, Temple University, US

    In this seventh edition, the topical presentation of developmental domains uniquely spotlights change processes across the lifespan; the theoretical and historically grounded chapters illustrate how advances in science simultaneously herald in the future while paying tribute to the past; and, rigorous attention to connections between basic science and real-world application across chapters showcase the ways that developmental science can inform issues of individual and societal significance. This comprehensive textbook exemplifies the breadth and depth of the field, and is a must-have for graduate students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who aim to learn about and participate in the exciting and dynamic discipline of developmental science.

    —Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University, US

    Bornstein and Lamb's revised edition of Developmental Science offers a complete exploration of all areas of the development of the mind, uncovering its complexity through a wide viewing angle. Already a classic, the text is now even richer, with an extensive offering of topics that compose the intertwining of cognitive components with affective and social factors. In particular, the authors identify the comprehensive role of parental relationships combined with the effects of biological and cultural factors on child development. This is a precious resource for students as well as for professionals in developmental psychology

    —Paola Venuti, Professor, University of Trento, Italy

    In an integrative and dynamic way, this seventh edition of Developmental Science teaches us about the rich and complex contributions from basic and applied research in developmental psychology. Major themes from this crucial discipline are summarized and reviewed, and the area´s foundational, methodological, and ethical challenges are discussed in depth, along with its controversies and provocative findings. After reading this collection of chapters, we cannot help but feel a sense of wonder about the complex orchestration of human development, and optimism for the possibilities of real-world solutions.

    —Lucia C. A. Williams, Professor, Department of Psychology, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil