1st Edition

Dialogic Feedback for High Impact Learning Key to PCP-Coaching and Assessment-as-Learning

By Filip Dochy, Mien Segers, Simla Arikan Copyright 2023
    180 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    180 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In recent years, the transmission paradigm of learning and teaching is making way for new approaches fuelled in part by the technology and AI revolutions. Learning is seen now more often in the light of connectivism, collaboration and creative problem solving. Dialogic Feedback for High Impact Learning explores this fascinating trend championing learning as a dialogic process between learners and coaches where learning is connecting networks and resources and leads to creative problem solving. It addresses the need for feedback as a dialogue in training for tomorrow, what it entails and how you can best deal with it.

    The book explores the power of feedback in a high-impact learning setting, where all parties strive for a learning and feedback culture rather than a consumption and testing culture. The authors discuss the feedback process, feedback seeking behaviour and the quality of the feedback message, sharing tips for software and apps to support this process and how teachers and coaches from a variety of settings have integrated the feedback dialogue into their training.

    This book is intended for everyone who wants to contribute to the learning culture of tomorrow, including learning coaches, managers, education and training professionals, and teachers and trainees at all levels in education.

    Introduction  Part 1. What do you need to know about feedback?  1. Feedback, how did we use to do it?  2. Feedback is the core of learning  3. Feedback as the core of learning: central themes  4. Feedback seeking behaviour  5. Types of feedback  6. The impact of feedback  Part 2. Impactful feedback is dialogue  7. Where did the idea of feedback as dialogue come from?  8. Feedback as dialogue, what does it mean?  9. Characteristics of a feedback dialogue that stimulates learning  10. Team feedback dialogue  11. Power and relationships  12. The feedback dialogue in practice  13. Barriers to impactful feedback dialogue  14. Feedback dialogue as the core of effective PCP coaching  Part 3. Practical examples and tools  15. The MoL: MSc Learning and Development in Organisations  16. The MET learning hubs  17. Gilde Training Programmes on Well-being  18. Avans HR Academy  19. Fontys IT open  Part 4. Some Further Tips & Answering some frequently asked questions  20. Feedback dialogues: Where do I get the time?  21. How do people experience feedback dialogues in practice?  22. Professionalization of teachers with respect to feedback  23. Software to support feedback dialogues  24. Simple feedback tools  Finally  References


    Filip Dochy is Professor of Learning and Development at the European Academy of Science (Academia Europeae) and a TOP1% scientist at USERN. He is the founder of EAPRIL and past president of EARLI. He is also the founding editor of the journals Educational Research Review and Frontline Learning Research.

    Mien Segers is Professor of Corporate Learning at the Business School at Maastricht University. She is Editor of the EARLI book series ‘New perspectives on Learning and Instruction’. In 2021, she received the Belgian Francqui Prize in Brussels as a foreign professor for, among other things, her work on high-impact learning.

    Simla Arikan is a postdoctoral researcher from the Hacettepe University in Ankara and, since 2019, has been affiliated with the High-Impact Learning Academy. She specialises in effects of visuals on language learning, educational innovation and modes of high-impact learning.