1st Edition

Digital-Age Innovation in Higher Education A Do-It-Yourself Approach

By Gary Natriello Copyright 2021

    Digital-Age Innovation in Higher Education recounts the creation, development, and growth of an innovation unit within a major university. This single case study follows the development of the EdLab at the Gottesman Libraries of Teachers College, Columbia University, which was charged with developing new services and products at a time when digital technologies were markedly beginning to impact the sector. The major steps taken – recruiting staff in key skill areas, developing projects, collaborating across organizational lines, securing resources, delivering new services, and more – are covered in detail, illustrating the opportunities and challenges presented by innovation mandates in long-established organizations with stable operations and traditional academic values and practices.

    Chapter 1 – Wind Resistance: Why is it So Hard to Change Higher Education?

    Chapter 2 – The Land that Time Forgot: Approaching the Library

    Chapter 3 – Renovation as a Near Death Experience

    Chapter 4 – The New Normal

    Chapter 5 – Building a Lab in the Library

    Chapter 6 – Projects, Projects, Projects

    Chapter 7 – Collaborative Solutions

    Chapter 8 – Publishing

    Chapter 9 – Software Development

    Chapter 10 – Design

    Chapter 11 – Media

    Chapter 12 – Consolidation

    Chapter 13 – The Learning Theater Project

    Chapter 14 – Efficiencies in Educational Research

    Chapter 15 – Focus

    Chapter 16 – The Unfinished Agenda


    Gary Natriello is Ruth L. Gottesman Professor of Educational Research and Professor of Sociology and Education in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.