1st Edition

Digital Experiences of International Students Challenging Assumptions and Rethinking Engagement

Edited By Shanton Chang, Catherine Gomes Copyright 2021
    228 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Exploring the impact of the digital environment on international students, carefully selected global contributors examine how digital experiences have been used to internationalize higher education. Using fascinating case studies and current research, this book considers the digital experiences of students as a result of their engagement with international education providers and stakeholders from a transnational and trans-disciplinary perspective.

    Looking specifically at the digital transitions and networks that international students experience during their time studying overseas, this book examines the ways in which the curriculum and higher education institutions’ engagement strategies have been shaped by the digital environment.

    Split into three sections, this book:

    • looks at the broad experiences of international students, covering the digital transitions and networks that students experience during their time studying overseas
    • explores the ways in which the curriculum has been shaped by the digital environment
    • considers the ways in which higher education institutions and other service providers implement digital engagement strategies to communicate more effectively with international students.

    Digital Experiences of International Students is essential reading for practitioners, academics, researchers, administrators, policy-makers, and anyone with an interest in learning and teaching in a digital age.

    SECTION 1: THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXPERIENCE  1. The Digital Information Ecology of International Students: Understanding the Complexity of Communication  2. Digital Environments and the Aspirations of International Students  3. Social Media and Social Adjustment: An International Student Perspective  4. Information Behaviours of Returned International Students: Case Study of Saudi Arabian Female Students  SECTION 2: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND THE DIGITALIZED CURRICULUM  5. Engaging Students Through Virtual Mobility: A Systematic Mapping Review  6. Cultural Learning Preferences, Blended Learning and the Internationalization of Curriculum  7. Utilizing LINE as a Tool for a U.S.-Japan Transnational Education Course  SECTION 3: STRATEGIES HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS USE IN THEIR DIGITAL ENGAGEMENTS WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  8. Connected Transitioning Communities for International Students via Social Media  9. Creating an Online Orientation Course: The Journey to Internationalizing the Campus


    Shanton Chang is an Associate Professor in Information Systems at the School of Computing and Information Systems and Associate Dean (International) at the Melbourne School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

    Catherine Gomes is an Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Australia.

    ‘The chapters of this book collectively and connectively build up a fascinating knowledge repository of international students’ digital experiences. In doing so, they form a substantial scholarly foundation for future research and an important body of evidence to inform international education service provision and policy making.’
    —Dr Xinyu (Andy) Zhao, Deakin University, Australia

    "Never before has there been a more appropriate time for a book on the digital experiences of international students. As the crisis surrounding Coronavirus demands institutions of higher education around the world to re-imagine the purposes of international education and develop new pedagogic models, this book is not only theoretically important, but it will also contribute greatly to the policy thinking of the struggling universities.It will enable them to learn how international students use the mobile technologies in a whole range of different ways, and give them a better sense of what might be possible."
    —Professor Fazal Rizvi, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne, Australia

    "Youths in many parts of the world seem inseparable from their ubiquitous digital devices. The social interactions such devices enable open up new worlds and new experiences. For an international student, navigating digital space can at once be liberating and challenging. The volume avoids an uncritical celebration of the possibilities while recognising the positive power of digital experiences. A timely addition to the literature."
    —Lily Kong, President, Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University

    "Digital Experiences of International Students edited by Shanton Chang and Catherine Gomes breaks new ground at a time in history when students and staff are increasingly immersed in international and intercultural digital worlds. Through wide-ranging discussions of examples and frameworks, a diverse group of authors explore issues of critical importance to every university. The most salient lesson of this book is the critical importance of employing strategic intercultural thinking in the way we use digital tools in universities to teach and support students. Practical examples and frameworks are provided to guide faculty, teachers and student affairs professionals seeking to use a range of digital tools to support their students’ academic, professional and personal growth through the formal and informal curriculum."
    —Betty Leask, Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University