1st Edition

Digital Leadership in Higher Education Purposeful Social Media in a Connected World

By Josie Ahlquist Copyright 2020
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    “Effective leadership means we must bring our values and mission - not just soundbites - to our activity in the digital sphere. And it's not as hard as you may think, thanks to the very practical examples and exercises Josie Ahlquist has given us in this book.”Brandon Busteed, President - University Partners, Kaplan, Inc.“Often, higher education leaders see social media as a burden. Digital Leadership in Higher Education should be required reading in any leadership program because it clearly demonstrates how social media can and should extend leadership rather than be a burden for it.”Russell Lowery-Hart, President - Amarillo CollegeIn this groundbreaking book, Josie Ahlquist provides readers with the tools they need to take a strong, values-based approach to leadership in the various digital spaces vital to the world of higher education today. Filled with real-world examples and tools to negotiate this ever changing digital landscape, the book fills an important niche in the literature: A user manual for your digital leadership journey.Each chapter includes tools and tactics, as well as stories that bridge the gap between technology and connection with community. This book doesn’t have a recipe for cooking up the next viral video, it offers lots of ways to stay true to individual and organizational values while engaging online. Whether a college president, dean of students, associate professor, or a program coordinator, there is a need for leaders who aren’t just early adopters and social media enthusiasts, but authentic individuals who back up their technology use with a purposeful philosophy and a values-based approach to their role.

    Preface Acknowledgments Introduction. The Meaning Behind the Screen Part One. Primer for Digital Leadership 1. Welcome to Your Digital Leadership Purpose 2. The Tech Pulse of Higher Ed Professionals 3. Plugging Digital Skills into Your Professional Practice Part Two. A Purpose-Driven Digital Leadership Presence 4. Heartware. Your Why for Leading Online 5. A Digital Mind-Set on Life, Leadership, and Legacy 6. A Values-Based Strategy for Social Media 7. Solving the Relationship Equation Part Three. Digital Leadership in Practice 8. Investing in Your Online Amplifier 9. Digital Role Modeling and Leadership in Practice 10. The Next Wave of Digital Influence and Leadership 11. The Future of Digital LeadershipAppendix—Book Contributors. What Is Your Why for Leading Online? References About the Author Index


    Through speaking, coaching, teaching, and consulting, Josie Ahlquist guides educational leaders, organizations, and students to practice purposeful digital leadership.Her practical, evidence-based frameworks empower clients to build and implement a digital engagement strategy that fits their life, their audience, and their purpose. Ahlquist’s work is grounded in her grant-funded and award-winning research that has allowed her to train thousands around the globe as a speaker; provide consulting services to institutions and companies; and coach professionals in branding, voice, and positioning.Ahlquist has authored pieces for the Handbook of Student Affairs Administration, The Journal of Leadership Studies, NASPA Leadership Exchange and Contested Issues in Troubled Times: Student Affairs Dialogues on Equity, Civility, and Safety. She also served as a co-editor and author of the New Directions in Student Services volume, Engaging the Digital Generation, and the New Directions in Student Leadership volume, Going Digital in Student Leadership.Ahlquist is a three-time LinkedIn Top Voice in Education, has been recognized by Ed Tech Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs” for five years. Her podcast, Josie & The Podcast, has been featured by The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. She is a past recipient of the Dr. Susan R. Komives Research Award and the Student Affairs Technology Research, Assessment, and Evaluation Innovation Award.Ahlquist received her EdD in higher education leadership from California Lutheran University, an MEd in counseling from Northern Arizona University, and a BA in sociology and human development and family studies from South Dakota State University. Prior to her independent path, Ahlquist spent nearly 15 years on college campuses in areas of student leadership, student activities, residence life, and student affairs communications and marketing. She currently serves as a research associate an

    “Josie gives you the tools to ensure congruence between your online and offline life so that you can be confident using social media—rather than letting social media use you."

    Ken Anselment, Vice President for Enrollment & Communication

    Lawrence University

    “If you want to learn both the why and the how behind online leadership in higher education, read this timely book, from cover to cover—from guidance, through development, to putting principles into action, it will be your north star.”

    Scott Cline, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Auxiliary Services

    California College of the Arts

    “What this well researched and must-read book offers leaders in higher education is the case for why they need to be ACTIVE in digital spaces. The reality is that you can either define you and your institution or let others do it.”

    Miles K. Davis, President

    Linfield College

    “I recommend this book for every higher education leader whether you have one hundred or one hundred thousand followers. Reading it not only inspired me to review my own strategies and tactics, it also gave me purposeful questions as a chief marketing officer to put forward to our institution’s social media managers.”

    Melissa Farmer Richards, Vice President for Communications and Marketing

    Hamilton College

    “Josie Ahlquist breaks new ground with Digital Leadership In Higher Education. The book has a wide range of ideas that meets the reader wherever they are in their digital leadership journey.”

    Walter M. Kimbrough, President

    Dillard University

    “Josie Ahlquist brings her superb expertise in digital technology and leadership theory to empower readers to develop an open tech mindset through lively examples and engaging writing, grounded in scholarship presented with a personal and conversational tone.”

    Susan Komives, Professor Emerita

    University of Maryland

    “What makes this book truly special, beyond the treasure trove of practical suggestions, is the emphasis on the importance of being purposeful and genuine in one’s use of digital media to support individuals and communities.”

    George S. McClellan, Associate Professor of Higher Education

    University of Mississippi

    “Digital Leadership in Higher Education sets a new standard for our profession. Solidly researched, the book delivers critical insights and self-directed improvement exercises in an engaging style.”

    Jason B. Pina, Vice President for Student Affairs

    Ohio University

    “Ahlquist gives higher education a much-needed guide to embracing digital leadership.”

    Erik Qualman

    #1 Bestselling Author and Digital Leadership Speaker

    “In Digital Leadership in Higher Education, Josie Ahlquest encourages higher education professionals to be vulnerable and authentic, and provides real role models for purposeful, social engagement and education.”

    Terisa Riley, Chancellor

    University of Arkansas Fort Smith

    “Whether you are a social media avoider or an early adopter of new platforms as they emerge, this book will be food for thought on how to create and maintain a purpose-driven digital leadership presence.”

    Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon, Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

    Boston College

    “Ahlquist's Digital Leadership in Higher Education makes social media less scary by emphasizing authenticity and service—both common traits for student affairs professionals.”

    Jason Simon, CEO


    “For higher ed leaders who are hesitant to embrace social media or need to hone their skills, Dr. Ahlquist’s book is a valuable guide to learning why and how to incorporate social media meaningfully and effectively into their professional lives.”

    - Melissa Woo, Senior Vice President for IT & Chief Information Officer

    Michigan State University

    “Digital Leadership in Higher Education: Purposeful Social Media in a Connected World, by Josie Ahlquist, is a timely and relevant book given the global pandemic’s impact on the necessity of leaders to have an online presence. The purpose of this book is to serve as a resource for leaders in higher education who want to purposefully engage with social media platforms as part of their leadership approach. Ahlquist. . . skillfully walk[s] readers through the tensions that reside at the intersection of the purpose of social media within the context of higher education, the theory of digital leadership, and the practice of digital leadership by higher education leaders.

    The book seems to be targeted to an audience of higher education professionals who are cautious, skeptical, late, or laggard adopters of social media and technology. Although addressed to senior administrators, the book could be valuable for faculty professional developments to offer training on connecting with students in online environments.

    Student affairs/ higher education graduate preparation programs should use this book in leadership courses to grapple with digital leadership in practice. In summary, [this] is a timely and relevant book to prompt a reimagining of leadership in the digital age of connection.”

    Teachers College Record