1st Edition

Discursive Thinking Through of Education Learning from Those Who Transform the Universe

By Oleg Bazaluk Copyright 2024
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is a contribution to the philosophical discourse on education.

    Education is considered a tool of philosophy. Education (paideia) and politics (politeia) are equal in importance for building a sustainable society free from feud and unhappiness. Discursive thinking through of education is based on Plato’s dialogues and the results of epistemological, metaphysical and ethical research in the fields of cosmology, sociology and neuroscience. The author demonstrates the potential of the threefold scheme of philosophy, a Platone philosophandi ratio triplex, for ordering individual and collective discourse and way of life in strict accordance with the intelligible complexity of the expanding cosmos.

    An essential read for students and scholars interested in the crossroad between education and philosophy.

    Table of Contents




    Chapter One

    Education in History of Philosophy

    1.1 Variety of educational theories

    1.2 Research méthodos ("the way to follow")

    1.3 The first stage of discursive thinking through of education: "Created by God"

    1.4 The second stage of discursive thinking through of education: "Those who transform the Earth"

    Chapter Two

    The "Evolving Matter" Theory and Philosophy of the Cosmos

    2.1 What is alētheia?

    2.2 The "Evolving matter" theory: the basic provisions

    2.3 Philosophy of the cosmos

    2.4 The idea tou agathou

    Chapter Three

    The Theory of Noogenesis and the Foundations of Ethics

    3.1 Current understanding of neuro-evolution

    3.2 The subject of neuroscience

    3.3 The upward beginning (arkhē) of Ethics

    3.4 To gaze on (contemplate) the perceiving/thinking (nóos)

    Chapter Four

    The Hominin Form as a Competitive Dúnamai

    4.1 The particular trópos of philosophy

    4.2 What is the meaningful phúsis of the hominin form?

    4.3 What do philosophers do?

    4.4 The idea of a man who transforms the Universe





    Oleg Bazaluk is a Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Philosophy and Cosmology journal and the Director of the Belt and Road Initiative Center for Chinese-European studies, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Maoming, Guangdong, China.