1st Edition

Doing Politics

By Jacqui Briggs Copyright 2015
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Aimed at politics students in their final year of secondary education or beginning their degrees, this highly readable book is the ideal introduction to politics. Doing Politics is a detailed guide to both the study and the activity of politics, which explores why we study politics, what is involved in a politics degree, and the skills and mindset that are needed to tackle the subject.

    Key questions are answered, including:

    • Just what is politics and how does it affect us?

    • Why does politics, and why do politicians, get a bad press?

    • How do we study non-traditional forms of politics?

    Assuming no prior knowledge, this lively and engaging guide is the perfect introduction to the academic study of politics.

    Introduction  1. ‘I don’t do politics’ - what do you do?  2. What is politics? Studying politics today  3. Why does politics get a bad press?  4. Policy Making and Power  5. Institutions and Actors Involved  6. People, power and politics; New Social Movements, Global Civil Society  7. Comparative Politics  8. Connections between Politics and International Relations  9. Conclusion: the importance of politics


    Dr Jacqueline Briggs is Principal Lecturer in Politics at the University of Lincoln. She has served as the Political Studies Association UK’s Chair of their Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning Politics (from 2005 until 2009). In 2008, Jacqui co-edited the Political Studies Association’s Study Politics guide. This was sent out to every sixth form and college in the United Kingdom. She is currently the Associate Editor of the ECPR’s journal European Political Science and has specific responsibility for articles on the Teaching and Learning of Politics.