1st Edition

Donegal's Changing Traditions An Ethnographic Study

By Eugenia Shanklin Copyright 1985

    First Published in 1985. One of the notable objectives of the Library of Anthropology is to provide a vehicle for the expression in print of new, controversial, and seemingly unorthodox theoretical, methodological, and philosophical approaches to anthropological data. This is a book about traditions that are changing, not languishing in a moribund state and not dead, as other scholars have suggested, but changing to fit present circumstances. Since many people think of traditions as static or immutable, the author’s assertion that traditions are changing may strike readers as paradoxical, but this book deals with a paradoxical people, the Irish of Southwest Donegal, who simultaneously guard and manipulate their traditions: guarding them against the encroachments of the modern world and manipulating them for their own advantage in that world.

    1. Introduction A. The Setting B. Tradition in Anthropological Theory C. Tradition in Southwest Donegal 2. The Distant Past: Continuities in Recorded History 3. The Recent Past: Discontinuities in Recorded History 4. The Verifiable Present: Sample Findings 5. Voices of the Present: Five Farmers and Two Historians 6. Conclusions


    Eugenia Shanklin