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Monte Carmelo An Italian-American Community in the Bronx

Monte Carmelo: An Italian-American Community in the Bronx

1st Edition

By Anthony L. LaRuffa
January 01, 1988

First Published in 1988. There are somewhat fewer than 12,000,000 Italian-Americans of both single ancestry and multiple ancestry living in the United States. They comprise 5.3 percent of the total population. This is a study of one particular segment of the larger metropolitan region. Located in ...

Donegal's Changing Traditions An Ethnographic Study

Donegal's Changing Traditions: An Ethnographic Study

1st Edition

By Eugenia Shanklin
January 01, 1985

First Published in 1985. One of the notable objectives of the Library of Anthropology is to provide a vehicle for the expression in print of new, controversial, and seemingly unorthodox theoretical, methodological, and philosophical approaches to anthropological data. This is a book about ...

Hawthorne's Romances Social Drama and the Metaphor of Geometry

Hawthorne's Romances: Social Drama and the Metaphor of Geometry

1st Edition

By Robert S. Friedman
August 12, 2014

First Published in 2000. Throughout the nineteenth century, the study of geometry remained at the core of educational curricula in the United States, strongly affecting how educated Americans construed their world. This book examines how each of Nathaniel Hawthorne's romances presents a different ...

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