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Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences series is designed to enable the pharmaceutical scientist to stay abreast of the changing trends, advances and innovations associated with therapeutic drugs and that area of expertise and interest that has come to be known as the pharmaceutical sciences. The body of knowledge that those working in the pharmaceutical environment have to work with, and master, has been, and continues, to expand at a rapid pace as new scientific approaches, technologies, instrumentations, clinical advances, economic factors and social needs arise and influence the discovery, development, manufacture, commercialization and clinical use of new agents and devices.

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Drugs and Nutrients The Interactive Effects

Drugs and Nutrients: The Interactive Effects

1st Edition

By D. A. Roe
May 03, 1984

This book is devoted to the effects of food and of nutrient intake on the disposition of foreign compounds, and discusses effects of drugs on nutrition. It is intended for nutritionists and clinical investigators concerned with interpretation of aberrant effects of therapeutic drugs....

The Clinical Research Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Clinical Research Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1st Edition

Edited By Gary M. Matoren
December 13, 1983

This book examines the sequence of events and methodology in the industrial clinical research process; a reference for multidisciplinary personnel. It is the conceptual framework involving the philosophical, economic, political, historical, regulatory, planning, and marketing aspects of the process....



2nd Edition

Edited By Milo Gibaldi, Donald Perrier
September 15, 1982

This book is based on research papers and commentaries on pharmacokinetic methods and applications published since 1975. It offers detailed examinations of new developments in the pharmacokinetic field with enhanced clarity of presentation and simplified organization....

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