352 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    This fully updated third edition contains practical and useful advice that will be invaluable for students with dyslexia, their parents and all of those involved in teaching and supporting them in their studies. Including the latest research into dyslexia, changes in legislation and information technology and the real-life experiences of six former Bangor students this book will:

    • guide students through the process of applying for university, suggesting strategies for general organisation and for particular aspects of study

    • outline how to get the best personally and academically from higher education

    • give practical advice on setting up and using support facilities (both human and technological)

    • be an accessible text for mainstream lecturers and tutors who need to be aware of the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act.

    New chapters include 'Dyslexia plus', giving information on dyspraxia, attention disorders, Asperger's syndrome, and the more controversial 'dyscalculia'. ‘Out of College and into Work’ gives advice for students on the challenges they face after graduation.

    1. The Nature of Dyslexia  2. Dyslexia Plus  3. Understanding Your Assessment  4. The Move to Higher Education  5. Changes to The Landscape  6. Preparations for College  7. Social and Academic Relationships  8. Organising a Support Service  9. Study Skills and The Support Tutor  10. Organising Yourself and Your Time; Helping Yourself to Concentrate  11. Taking Notes in Lectures and From Books; Strategies for Reading  12. Essays and other Written Assignments  13. Grammar and Punctuation  14. Spelling  15. Mathematics and Statistics  16. Information Technology  17. Examination Arrangements  18. Preparing for Examinations, Revision and Memorisation  19. Sitting the Examinations  20. Discussion Points for Moderators and Examining Boards  21. Out of College and into Work


    Tim Miles is Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychology, University of Wales, Bangor.

    Liz Du Pre is the Tutor /Coordinator for the Student Service at the Dyslexia Unit, University of Wales, Bangor and a member of The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities and The Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education.

    Dorothy Gilroy was a pioneer in establishing and developing the service for dyslexic students at Bangor and advised many universities on good practice in the field.