2nd Edition

E-tivities The Key to Active Online Learning

By Gilly Salmon Copyright 2013
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    The world of learning and teaching is at a watershed; confronted by challenges to previous educational models. One learning future lies in impactful, purposeful, active online activities, or ‘e-tivities’, that keep learners engaged, motivated, and participating. Grounded in the author’s action research, E-tivities, 2nd Edition assuredly illustrates how technologies shape and enhance learning and teaching journeys.
    In this highly practical book, Gilly Salmon maintains her exceptional reputation, delivering another powerful guide for academics, teaching professionals, trainers, designers and developers in all disciplines. This popular text has been comprehensively updated; addressing key technological changes since 2002, offering fresh case studies and ‘Carpe Diem’ - a unique approach to learning design workshops.
    Readers will find E-tivities, 2nd Edition a wonderful resource on its own or as a companion to the author’s bestselling e-Moderating, 3rd Edition. 
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    Part 1: Introducing e-tivities

    1. E-tivities for active online learning

    2. E-tivities in the five stage model

    3. Creating e-tivities

    4. Choices: The technology spectrum

    5. Deploying e-tivities: A team approach

    Part II: Resources for practitioners


    1. Ideas for e-tivities

    2. Creativity and e-tivities

    3. Using other people's digital materials (OER's)

    Designing e-tivities

    4. First-time e-tivity designer

    5. E-tivity exemplars (?)

    6. E-tivity continuum


    7. E-tivity planning

    8. Building programs and processes with e-tivities

    9. Time Estimates

    10. Counting the delivery time

    Writing Invitations

    11. Correspondence Protocol

    12. Learning 'Netspeak'

    Development and Improvement

    13. Building motivating e-tivities

    14. Online emotions

    15. More intelligent e-tivities

    16. Disabilities and e-tivities

    Participants Experience

    17. Contributions

    18. Patterns of participation

    19. Flow and e-tivities

    20. E-tivity feedback and plenaries

    Carpe Diem

    21. The Carpe Diem Process

    22. Becoming a Carpe Diem Facilitator

    23. The Carpe Diem Planning Process

    24. Reality Checkers


    Professor Gilly Salmon is Pro Vice-Chancellor of Learning Transformations at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

    “At a time when higher education is struggling to take advantage of the many technological innovations available to it, this timely and thought-provoking second edition of E-tivities envisions a new way to deliver curriculum.  The book is written in a user friendly and accessible style, challenging thinking not to merely shift from ‘traditional’ teaching to technologically supported learning, but to re-think the learning process and conceptualise content and delivery differently, in an e-form.  Making a sound conceptual argument, the author makes exceptional use of case studies and guided thinking for the development of e-tivities, including the use of open educational resources.  This is a must read not only for the practitioner wanting to change, but for institutional leaders as well.”—Craig Mahoney, Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy, UK

    "Everywhere I go in the world I meet people grateful for the first edition of this book. With even more e-tivities and wise advice, built on years of experience, this second edition will have us all going back for more, to further improve our online teaching and support."—Diana Laurillard, Professor of Learning with Digital Technology, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, UK

    "If the collective wisdom of the past few decades of online learning could be distilled and condensed into one easy-to-read book, it would be this one. As Gilly Salmon shows, there is no end to the technological tools that can be incorporated into one’s online courses and programs. However, there is also no need to be lost, frustrated, or uncertain when working in online environments. The second edition of E-tivities is a powerful guide, which lays out an immense set of possibilities while offering a framework in which to make sense of them all."—Curt Bonk, President of CourseShare, LLC, and Professor of Instructional Systems Technology in the School of Education at Indiana University, USA

    "Gilly Salmon's challenge for us to be part of the Quantum Generation of learning design frames the field’s biggest question: what constitutes and redefines effective learning in the digital age? In a remarkably concise way, Salmon overviews the enormous changes in the decade since her first edition before outlining many helpful approaches. This new edition speaks to all those interested in making sense of the opportunities and potential pitfalls of learning in the digital age. This is a must-read!"—David Sadler, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Students & Education, University of Tasmania, Australia