1st Edition

Early Childhood Educational Research Issues in Methodology and Ethics

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Provision of education for children under five has recently become a political concern. At the same time, this relatively small field has been attracting increased research attention, with many early years practitioners seeking routes to initial and higher degrees. This book offers essential guidance for researchers and newcomers to the field, outlining opportunities in research as well as useful, sensitive and appropriate methods for researching childhood education.

    Part I:Changing concepts and methods in early years education research 1.Researching early childhood education 2.Constructing childhoods 3.Resrach paradigms: ways of seeing 4.Forms of observation: measurement and analysisPart II:Early childhood education: changing research practice 5.Early childhood research prior to 1985 6.Early childhood education research in a time of changePart III: Early childhood education research in action 7.Multilevel modelling: a case study on mathematics performance 8.Ethnography for early childhood settingsPart IV: Current policy, perspectives and practice in the field 9.Roles, responsibilities and relationships 10.Ethical issues 11.A Canterbury tale: the researcher's inside story 12.Policy and practice: the hand that rocks the cradle 13.Current theoretical perspectives: directions for the future?


    Carol Aubrey, Tricia David, Ray Godfrey, Linda Thompson

    'I found the book an interesting and challenging collection of discussions on issues at the heart of early childhood educational research ... it would act as an excellent source of ideas and methods for those comfortable with the 'basics'. Even experienced researchers have a lot to learn from this book.' British Journal of Educational Studies

    'This text provides a valuable introduction to research concerning children in their early years. I shall certainly recommend it to users or producers of research involving young children.' Educational Review