1st Edition

Early Childhood Pedagogies Creating Spaces for Young Children to Flourish

Edited By Jane Murray Copyright 2018
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Diverse international perspectives on the ways in which young children’s learning and care may be supported converge in this book. Traversing the field of early childhood education and care from its established philosophical underpinnings to 21st century research, policies, and practices, the contributions to this volume draw together past and present discourses as a basis for shaping future trajectories.

    In spite of a growing international consensus on the strong influence of early childhood experiences on lifetime outcomes, the nineteen chapters reveal contemporary early childhood pedagogy as a collection of spaces characterised by plurality, complexity, and dissonance. These characteristics signal the importance of recognising early childhood pedagogies: multiple models of practice for the many diverse learning and care contexts that have the capacity to value young children as individuals and enable each to flourish now and throughout their lives. Moreover, such characteristics disrupt notions that a single ‘optimal’ early childhood pedagogy is either possible or desirable.

    This exciting global collection of empirical research reports and discursive papers provides inspiration to spark new reflections, fresh debates, and innovative endeavours among early childhood students, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers around the world. This book was originally published as a special issue of Early Child Development and Care.

    1. Early childhood pedagogies: spaces for young children to flourish Jane Murray

    2. Who cares? Infant educators’ responses to professional discourses of care Belinda Davis and Sheila Degotardi

    3. Maternal thinking and beyond: towards a care-full pedagogy for early childhood Paulette Luff and Mallika Kanyal

    4. Pedagogy with babies: perspectives of eight nursery managers Peter Elfer and Jools Page

    5. Proximity with under two-year-olds in early childhood education: a silent pedagogical encounter Elizabeth Jayne White and Bridgette Redder

    6. Pedagogical positioning in play – teachers being inside and outside of children’s imaginary play Marilyn Fleer

    7. Child-initiated pedagogies in Finland, Estonia and England: exploring young children’s views on decisions Leena Helevaara Robertson, Jarmo Kinos, Nancy Barbour, Maarika Pukk and Leif Rosqvist

    8. Children’s agentive orientations in play-based and academically focused preschools in Hong Kong Doris Cheng Pui-Wah, Jyrki Reunamo, Paul Cooper, Karen Liu and Keang-ieng Peggy Vong

    9. Estonian preschool teachers’ aspirations for curricular autonomy – the gap between an ideal and professional practice Maire Tuul, Rain Mikser, Evelyn Neudorf and Aino Ugaste

    10. Can we have an international approach to child-centred early childhood practice? Jan Georgeson, Verity Campbell-Barr, Éva Bakosi, Magdolna Nemes, Sándor Pálfi and Paolo Sorzio

    11. Developmentally universal practice: visioning innovative early childhood pedagogy for meeting the needs of diverse learners Kathleen I. Harris

    12. An international perspective on value learning in the kindergarten – exemplified by the value forgiveness Arve Gunnestad, Sissel Mørreaunet and Silas Onyango

    13. Integrating praxeology: engaging early childhood students in service-learning pedagogy Christian Winterbottom and Philip J. Mazzocco

    14. Being a tour guide or travel companion on the children’s knowledge journey Karin Franzén

    15. Family pedagogy: parent–child interaction in shared book reading Liang Li and Marilyn Fleer

    16. Age group, location or pedagogue: factors affecting parental choice of kindergartens in Hungary Eleonora Teszenyi and Denise Hevey

    17. ‘Pedagogic Strategies’: a conceptual framework for effective parent and practitioner strategies when working with children under five Penny Lawrence, Tracy Gallagher and the Pen Green Team

    18. Preschool teachers’ perceptions of children’s rough-and-tumble play (R&T) in indoor and outdoor environments Rune Storli and Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter

    19. Outdoor play in preschools in England and South Korea: learning from polyvocal methods Kwi-Ok Nah and Tim Waller


    Jane Murray is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Education and Research at the University of Northampton, UK. Previously an early childhood teacher, she teaches, researches, and writes in the fields of early childhood and education, with particular focus on children’s agency and social justice. Her work includes projects with UNICEF and with governments in countries including Georgia, Ethiopia, and Bhutan.