1st Edition

Early Television A Bibliographic Guide to 1940

By George Shiers Copyright 1997

    Exploring the beginnings of the most influential communications medium of all time, this work covers the history of early mechanical and later electronic means of television. It takes a chronological approach to the subject, from its theoretical conception in the late 1800s, through important market experiments just prior to World War II. Coverage is global and multilingual, with material from French, German, Russian, and English sources. Each chapter begins with a historical essay that places the period in context. After 1927, each chapter focuses on a single year. The coverage weaves together the discoveries and developments in all countries, reporting on the work of solitary inventors, as well as research teams. The text ties together annotated citations that make up the bulk of each chapter, and excerpts from important documents or eyewitness accounts. Each chapter also contains a chronology of the advances and breakthroughs during the period covered. The entire work is carefully cross-referenced and an indexed to provide easy access. Chronology. Index.

    Chapter 1 Inventions and Discoveries: 1817–1877; Chapter 2 Seeing by Electricity: 1878–1884; Chapter 3 Era of Telectroscopes: 1885–1900; Chapter 4 Distant Electric Vision: 1901–1918; Chapter 5 Broadcasting and Pictures: 1919–1924; Chapter 6 Images and Promises: 1925–1926; Chapter 7 By Radio and by Wire: 1927; Chapter 8 A Very Good Year: 1928; Chapter 9 Designs for Tomorrow: 1929; Chapter 10 On Stage: 1930; Chapter 11 Big Pictures and Tiny Beams: 1931; Chapter 12 The Derby and All That: 1932; Chapter 13 A Matter for Big Business: 1933; Chapter 14 High Noon of Low Definition: 1934; Chapter 15 Race for Success: 1935; Chapter 16 End of an Era: 1936; Chapter 17 Battle of the Systems: 1937; Chapter 18 International Scene: 1938; Chapter 19 The Video Art: 1939; Chapter 20 Distant View: 1940–1995;


    George Shiers, May Shiers, Diana Menkes

    "...an invaluable resource." -- Technology and Culture
    "The definitive reference work to published material on television before World War II. There is no other guide as complete for this critical developmental period. Libraries with collections on television should have copies on hand." -- Communication Booknotes
    "A gold mine of information." -- Antenna
    "...a good overview of the entire development of the invention to 1995, and a most detailed, definitive resource for the pioneering first century and a quarter." -- ARBA 98