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Earthscan Conservation and Development

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This series includes a wide range of inter-disciplinary approaches to conservation and development, integrating perspectives from both social and natural sciences. It includes textbooks, research monographs and titles aimed at professionals, NGOs and policy-makers. Authors or editors of potential new titles should contact Hannah Ferguson, Editor ([email protected]).

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Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia Challenges in a Changing Environment

Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia: Challenges in a Changing Environment

1st Edition

Edited By Serge Morand, Claire Lajaunie, Rojchai Satrawaha
April 15, 2019

Southeast Asia is highly diversified in terms of socio-ecosystems and biodiversity, but is undergoing dramatic environmental and social changes. These changes characterize the recent period and can be illustrated by the effects of the Green Revolution in the late 1960s and 1970s, to the ...

Conservation and Development in Uganda

Conservation and Development in Uganda

1st Edition

Edited By Chris Sandbrook, Connor Joseph Cavanagh, David Mwesigye Tumusiime
September 04, 2018

Uganda has extensive protected areas and iconic wildlife (including mountain gorillas), which exist within a complex social and political environment. In recent years Uganda has been seen as a test bed and model case study for numerous and varied approaches to address complex and ...

Conservation and Development in India Reimagining Wilderness

Conservation and Development in India: Reimagining Wilderness

1st Edition

Edited By Shonil A. Bhagwat
January 24, 2018

Despite decades of efforts to integrate conservation and development, India is torn between two very different worldviews of peoples’ place in the country’s natural environment. This book takes a critical look at nature conservation and poverty alleviation in India. It opens up discussion of the ...

Conservation and Development in Cambodia Exploring frontiers of change in nature, state and society

Conservation and Development in Cambodia: Exploring frontiers of change in nature, state and society

1st Edition

Edited By Sarah Milne, Sango Mahanty
June 16, 2017

Written by leading authorities from Australasia, Europe and North America, this book examines the dynamic conflicts and synergies between nature conservation and human development in contemporary Cambodia. After suffering conflict and stagnation in the late twentieth century, Cambodia has ...

Just Conservation Biodiversity, Wellbeing and Sustainability

Just Conservation: Biodiversity, Wellbeing and Sustainability

1st Edition

By Adrian Martin
May 03, 2017

Loss of biodiversity is one of the great environmental challenges facing humanity but unfortunately efforts to reduce the rate of loss have so far failed. At the same time, these efforts have too often resulted in unjust social outcomes in which people living in or near to areas designated for ...

Conservation and Environmental Management in Madagascar

Conservation and Environmental Management in Madagascar

1st Edition

Edited By Ivan R. Scales
April 01, 2016

Madagascar is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, the result of 160 million years of isolation from the African mainland. More than 80% of its species are not found anywhere else on Earth. However, this highly diverse flora and fauna is threatened by habitat loss and ...

Conservation and Sustainable Development Linking Practice and Policy in Eastern Africa

Conservation and Sustainable Development: Linking Practice and Policy in Eastern Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Davies
June 20, 2012

The links between policy and practice in natural resource management are often depicted as a cyclical and rational process. In reality, policymaking and implementation are often irrational, unpredictable and highly political. Many science and knowledge-based institutions undertake rigorous research...

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