Earthscan Series on Sustainable Design

Series Editor:

All books in this series are authored and/or edited by leading academics and practitioners in the field of sustainable design.

While there has been an immense amount of theory and technology focused writing published on the topic of sustainable design, many of these books have failed to introduce readers to the wider challenge of what the re-thinking of design, production, operation and recycling of all products, buildings and cities really means.

Sustainability is not a passing fashion and people are constantly searching for more information, ideas and products in this area. This new book series will aim to develop a more coherent theoretical framework for how different theories of sustainable design might engage with the practice of architects, designers, urban planners and related professions. The knowledge gained from this book series will equip the readers with the tools for realising the full potential of the good intentions of sustainable design.

The aim is that these books will provide a novel alignment of interdisciplinary perspectives on the problems of global consumerism, sustainable design and strategies to avoid resource waste, on the scales of products, buildings, districts and cities.

The books will become essential reading for architects, industrial designers, urban designers and researchers/students in these disciplines. Potential readers for the books will also include industry and government agencies. Global relevance and the potential for use as textbooks will be essential.

The book series will become a highly useful addition to the literature on sustainable design, urban development and city culture, focusing on the key topics encountered by students and scholars of urban studies, pointing towards related bibliographic material.

If you have an idea for the series then please contact the series editor.