1st Edition

East-West Dialogue in Knowledge and Higher Education

By Ruth Hayhoe, Julia Pan Copyright 1996

    This work is a dialogue on alternative approaches to knowledge and higher education characteristic of the Western University. Western scholars approach these issues from the viewpoint of the challenges facing the university and Eastern contributors explore parallel issues in their societies.

    About the Contributors, Acknowledgments, Introduction: The Context of the Dialogue, I: Cultural Interchange and the Construction of Knowledge, 1. Cultural Differences and the Reception of University Disciplines, 2. Chinese Mathematics and the West, 3. Cultural Graft and Higher Education, 4. Sinic Science, Postmodernism, and Knowledge: Rethinking Knowledge in the Social Sciences, 5. English, Universities, and Struggles over Culture and Knowledge, II: The Media and Higher Education, 6. Higher Education and the Western Media: Allies or Adversaries in Third World Coverage?, 7. Media's Challenge to Higher Education, 8. The Shifting World: A New Role for Media in Higher Education, III: Higher Education Evaluation, 9. Evaluation as Construction of Knowledge, 10. Quality and Local Knowledge: Evaluating Higher Education in Culturally Meaningful Ways, 11. Chinese Higher-Education Evaluation: Status Quo, Problems, and Future Tendencies, 12. Evaluation Issues in Contemporary Japanese Universities, IV: Historical Challenges to the University, 13. Sufi Cosmology: An Indigenous Oral Tradition, 14. The Sirhak Scholarship of the Yi Dynasty and Its Importance for Contemporary Higher Education in South Korea, 15. The Shuyuan and the Development of Chinese Universities in the Early Twentieth Century, 16. A Difficult Choice: Breaking Away from Soviet Educational Patterns, V: Indigenous Knowledge and Contemporary Higher Education, 17. The Integration of Modern and Indigenous Knowledge Through Nonformal Education, 18. Enhancing Students' Overall Quality and Promoting Society's All-Around Development, 19. Lao Zi's Thought and Contemporary Chinese Higher Education, 20. The Politics of Indigenous Knowledge and Contending Ideals ofthe University, Index


    Hayhoe, Ruth; Pan, Julia